She would like you to know that rumors of her jumping on Lion are lies.

Our evening was very quiet. Lion usually isn’t horny for a day or two after an orgasm. We watched TV in relative peace. Until we tried to go to bed, that is. The psycho dog decided to jump on Lion and it took us quite a while to convince her to calm down. Once I was able to get her leash on her and bring her to my side of the bed, she whimpered and stared at me until I took the leash off. Then she went to sleep. According to the trainer, she should be tethered to one of us at all times, at this point in her training. The problem, of course, is that she won’t give either of us any peace to do our work. Maybe we need to tether her in the evening when she’s more likely to jump on Lion.

I’m hoping the dog won’t be the source of all the excitement this year. I’d like to think I can get Lion’s motor running within another day or two. I need to get him on track to have more orgasms this year than last. Two orgasms a month is far too few for a horny Lion who used to have an orgasm every night. I’m not saying he should have one every night again. That might kill him. Of course, I’m sure it would be an enjoyable way to die. He’d go out with a smile on his face. But I don’t want to lose him just yet. He has too many orgasms left in him. Wouldn’t it be strange if you died when you hit max orgasms? It would be sad to think there’s a limit.

Assuming there’s no limit, I’m shooting for at least four orgasms a month. In the past, he’s said he thinks a 4-7 day wait is reasonable. We never really wanted to go for long waits. I made him wait 28 days once, on purpose. I think he waited about that long because one or the other of us was sick and he just wasn’t in the mood. I’m not counting the times he’s been out of commission from surgeries. If we put our minds to it, he should be able to have an orgasm a week with no problem. I’ll have to make sure he gets more incentive than just a quick wank or suck. He needs the fanfare of clothespins and bondage. We can do it.

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  1. I think the two of you are great, and thank you for sharing your experiences. Is there any chance you could post a picture of the spanking bench, and maybe one with Lion strapped to it.
    Thank you

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