New Year’s day was pretty much like every other day. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. We aren’t social animals. Our New Year’s Eve dinner was surprising. I was cooking. We were trying a pot roast recipe for the first time. It was from America’s Test Kitchen. Well, not exactly. It was on another site. You have to pay $80 a year to get stuff from the source.

Anyway, we were using a different cut of meat. It was a “round” (I can’t remember which one). The recipe called for a chuck roast. We prepared it according to the recipe and cooked it for four hours. We were supposed to find the cooking liquid and veggies (onion, carrot, celery) with the meat when it was done. The recipe said we might have to add some beef broth to get to the amount needed for the gravy.

When we opened the dutch oven, there was no liquid. The meat was sitting in what looked like vegetable mud. Oh shit. Dinner was ruined. I put the mud in our blender and added the full amount of beef broth needed to bulk up the gravy. We followed the recipe to the end. The result was shocking. The pot roast was fantastic! The gravy tasted like the best French sauces. Holy shit! Mrs. Lion prepared roasted carrots and potatoes to go with the meat. A New Year’s Eve miracle.

heavy spanking strap
Mrs. Lion’s new spanking strap

As Mrs. Lion wrote (“Wrong Choice“), she spanked me using her new strap. I didn’t bleed and only got a little red. I was yelping pretty much from the start. It is very effective. I sensed that she was not completely confident using it. The strap is longer than she’s used to. I’m sure that she will find reasons to get a lot more practice.

We didn’t even kiss to greet the new year. I noticed when it was a few minutes after midnight and just said, “Happy New Year.” Mrs. Lion echoed the good wish. We slept in the next morning.

Oh,  yeah. By the time Mrs. Lion got around to doing something sexual, it was nearly 10 PM, and I was pretty tired. That made my last orgasm of 2021 on December 21. My total for 2021 is 26 orgasms. That’s the lowest ever for me. It’s probably half as many as I’ve averaged since we started male chastity. I don’t think it’s good that the number keeps dropping. Mrs. Lion gives me orgasms when she feels like it. In 2021 that was about twice a month.

Neither of us put much stock in how many times I get to come. That number would be a little higher if it were up to me, maybe 3 or 4 a month. But, it isn’t up to me. I don’t track spankings, so I don’t know how many I get in any given year. I probably was spanked more often than I was allowed to ejaculate. I’m not sure what that means.

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