Working From Home Isn’t All Good

Ever since Mrs. Lion started working from home, our sex life, well, my sex life, has been off. The most obvious issue is that Mrs. Lion stays away from me for almost the first week after I ejaculate. There is some snuggling on the third or fourth day, but no real effort until around the seven-day mark.

Sunday was day 5. Mrs. Lion gave me some very nice oral attention. She said in her post, “Maybe We’re Both Out of Practice,” yesterday that it had been some time since the last time she sucked me. Actually, the last time was December sixth, not all that long ago. The big change is the lack of contact.

Even though I keep asking for the activity to begin earlier in the day, it just doesn’t. For example, on Sunday we watched two football games. Both were recordings on our DVR. We were in bed watching nearly all day. Play was possible at any point. Mrs. Lion started the activity with me after dinner, after her shower, and after the kitchen was cleaned up. By then, I was getting tired.

I’m not blaming her. If the situation were reversed, I would probably do the same thing. I think that the situation is worse now that she works from home because the commute from the office was a sort of timestamp. Playing with me was one of the things she did after returning home. Now, she leaves her desk, goes to the bedroom, and does stuff on her iPad. She’s gained a half-hour more iPad time. It seems that without the commute, she forgets our at-least-every-other-day sex schedule.

Another complicating factor is the dog. She is still a fairly wild puppy who tries to get involved if Mrs. Lion gets physical with me. Talk about a buzz kill! Mostly, I think the change in daily patterns is creating issues. Also, the one-way nature of sex with us keeps it at the bottom of the priority list. I get it. I just don’t like it.