A Serious Issue

Mrs. Lion put me in a locking cock ring about a week ago. The reason for doing this was to remind her to simulate the atmosphere we had when I wore a chastity device. Yes, the cock ring does permit erections. That didn’t matter since her objective wasn’t to prevent masturbation. The idea was that she would take it off every day or two when she teased me.

A week ago, she jerked me off and then locked the ring on. It hasn’t been off since. She played with me once with the ring in place. The rest of the time, she didn’t go near me. It’s true that I was under the weather for about half of the time. I expected it to be unlocked regularly, just like we did years ago.

It isn’t that there is any particular reason to remove it. It doesn’t get in the way, and I can keep myself clean without removing it. I like wearing it. Of course, it’s more fun if it gets attention. I bought a padlock that fits the ring so that Mrs. Lion can see if that is easier than the security screw she is using now.

Maybe the cock ring wasn’t the best idea to solve this problem. The Box O’Fun worked in the past. It has the same flaw as the cock ring. Mrs. Lion can forget the Box O’Fun as easily as the cock ring. The sex issue is no different from the coffee pot problem if you think about it. It’s a chore (ugh!) that is easy to forget.

Mrs. Lion solved the coffee pot problem with her paddle. Any time I forget to set it up, she spanks me. It’s a simple, binary process. Remember, nothing happens; forget, and get a sore bottom. Even a lion understands that. That arrangement isn’t possible with Mrs. Lion. She gives spankings; I get them.

She admits forgetting sex for me. Sometimes, she has a sore foot or some other ache brought on when dealing with the dog. They are reasons to avoid sexual contact. The reality is that for months now, I’m lucky to feel her hand or mouth (much rarer) more than once a week. We haven’t solved the problem yet.

Maybe I have to accept that there isn’t a solution. Some of our readers said they are in a situation where their wives lose interest in sex and rarely help their husbands get relief. I’m lucky that Mrs. Lion enjoys getting me off when she is in the mood. It’s just that I’ve become a lower priority as time’s gone by. She doesn’t agree. The evidence indicates otherwise.

When she isn’t working or doing a household chore, she is on the bed with her iPad. This is true in the morning before work, during her lunch break, after work, and until she sleeps. It’s an addiction. On weekends, she uses her desktop computer to play games that aren’t on the iPad. She must spend eight hours a day on it.

When she wants to do something sexual, she puts down her iPad (she never does anything sexual without spending at least an hour on it) and takes care of me. Then, she goes back to it. I’m way less interesting than Facebook. I wonder if there is a 12-step program for this.

It feels like this is an escape. Life with me isn’t much fun, I guess. This isn’t a simple problem. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. She spends eight hours a day (on weekdays) working. Another two hours are dedicated to cooking and chores. She sleeps about six hours. The other eight hours are spent on her iPad. Even when we are sexually active, the numbers don’t change much. For my part, I divide my time between writing and watching TV. I like to read, but books are difficult for me to handle with my failed eyesight. I listen to audiobooks when I can. Too much of them put me to sleep.

There are two issues. The one that bothers me is the lack of sexual interaction. It’s what I started writing about. The isolating behavior is much more serious. I decided to share this issue because I want to get it out and maybe help Mrs. Lion think seriously about this addiction. The problem isn’t too little sex. It’s too much Facebook and other iPad stuff.


  1. my partner doesn’t know how or like to maintain the yard. we have a landscaper. my partner doesn’t like to mop or sweep. we have a robot vacuum. sometimes we have a party we don’t want to clean up after. we hire a maid service for the next day. my partner doesn’t want to spray or use the insecticides to keep the bugs out. we have a pest service.

    this maintains the house without acrimony or resentment and keeps everyone in the comfort zone.

    maybe you need a frank conversation about reducing bad feelings and mismatched expectations and using contractors to provide relief from chores.

    finding professionals to provide the service you need is so accessible now with the internet. cam sites don’t even require leaving the home to get personalized product.

    even if you choose not to farm this out permanently, perhaps a little respite for Mrs lion may rekindle interest in what seems like tedium to her otherwise, giving you what you want when you need it.

  2. I feel for you. You need attention. It’s hard not getting attention. Very hard. We went through a similar bump in the road earlier this year. Let’s admit it: Men get really needy, especially when they can’t jerk off a few times a day.

    I totally hear you on the iPad issue. We have a similar situation, although it’s less about games and facebook, and more about reading books. On the other hand, I honestly want my wife to get to do what my wife wants to do, and so I’m normally happy to just be with her while she does whatever she’s doing on whatever electronic device it is. But I’m able to be happy because I’m not already feeling ignored; if I were constantly feeling ignored, I’m not sure I could be happy with that situation. So with your tank already on empty, this isn’t working for you.

    1. Author

      My need for ejaculation isn’t the issue. It’s really the addictive behavior.

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