Maybe We’re Both Out of Practice

I think my record is 45 wood clothespins. Maybe I’ll try for a new one.

I think we got about six inches of snow. The sun is out today, but it’s only 25 degrees so far. That may be as high as it goes. Our road hasn’t been plowed, but people are driving on it. If I needed to get out, I probably could. Luckily, we don’t need to go anywhere. Even the garbage pickup was cancelled.

It was around 8:30 when I started playing with Lion last night. The dog started her jumping nonsense, so we didn’t get far at first. I’m hoping she’ll figure out that she gets locked out of the bedroom when she’s an idiot. Once I finally got her out, I decided I’d rather suck Lion than continue with the handjob I’d started. Since the talk of hand jobs being humiliating, I don’t really want to do them anymore. It will be good to get things started or when I’m tying his balls or using clothespins, but then I’d rather suck him. Maybe it’s dumb, but it changes the way I think of them.

I don’t know how long it’s been since I gave him oral sex. I was a bit out of practice. I’m sure it didn’t help that dealing with the dog negated whatever progress I may have made. He wasn’t responding as quickly as I’d hoped. I bet if I give him a little more attention beforehand, he’ll be more excited for the main event. As it was, I barely got him near the edge when I needed to stop. I told him I wanted to leave him wanting more. I would have brought him closer and maybe even edged him multiple times if I hadn’t felt so out of practice. I guess it’s true that practice makes perfect.

Tonight, I’ll make sure I bring out the clothespins so I can give him porcupine balls. It’s been a long time since I tried to see how many clothespins I could get on him. I usually do that with plain wooden ones. They don’t hurt as much, so he can handle more of them. He struggles after six or so if I bring out the plastic ones. They are definitely more aggressive. Maybe I need to challenge him more. We’ll see.