The other day, Lion said he was so busy. He’s been rewriting and reworking his book. I don’t think he’s wasting his time. I know it’s hard work to write. The problem I had with that statement is that I’m supposed to chase the robot vacuum around trying to figure out why it’s stuck or why it’s not working, and I have to drop everything to deal with the dog. Why isn’t my work time as valuable as his? This is the only problem I have with working from home. I love not having to commute to work. I love not having to deal with most of the drama. I love being home with Lion. It’s so much simpler to grab the packages off the porch when they arrive, rather than worrying about whether they’ll be stolen before I get home from work. I wish I had the flexibility of working whenever I want instead of still being stuck with 8-5, but I can’t argue too much since they let me move my entire office home.

I do get a little stressed out not having that short commute time to wind down on the way home. Sometimes I jump right into dinner or some other chore as soon as I punch out. Lion never understood “me time”. He doesn’t need any. He also never understood why a friend kept asking me to do things outside of work. “Doesn’t she know you’re married?” he’d ask. Yup. She knows. She also knows that married people do things separately sometimes. That’s why they created guys night out and book clubs.

Lion will think I’m saying I’m tired of him. I’m not. I’m not tired of him and I’m not saying I’m tired of him. I’m just musing about the therapeutic properties of driving around aimlessly, before gas cost more than rent. Ironically, he likes to drive around aimlessly when we go camping, but doesn’t understand why I want to do it in my own backyard. He likes to discover new places. Yup. You can around here too.

Anyway, maybe I’m getting spring fever. I hear the birds chirping between bursts of downpours. Perhaps it’s time for a little road trip. I could take the circuitous way home when I come back from the office today.

[Lion — Mrs. Lion almost never goes from working to household chores. She’s on the bed playing with her iPad at 5:01 PM. Usually, she starts dinner at 6 or 6:30. She has to deal with the robot vacuum and the dog because of my limited vision and poor balance. When she went to the office, she did it when she got home. She had a lot less “me” time then, I think. In terms of going out with her girlfriend, I don’t mind too much. It’s just that Mrs. Lion doesn’t want to go out with me. She’s happy to go to lunch or dinner with a friend, but gets unhappy about it if I want to. I guess it cuts into “me” time.]

[Mrs. Lion — I don’t get unhappy when Lion wants to come. He was coming with me to my work function last week and then asked if I’d mind if he didn’t. Now he says he figured I’d just be talking to my coworkers about work. He’s come with me in the past and had a good time. I think. And I have dramatically cut down on iPad time.]

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  1. It’s a lovely time for a road trip up north to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival! It’s a lovely break and the tulips are almost right on time!

    1. We’ve been to the festival. It’s truly amazing!

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