Ask and Ye Shall Receive

My rubber tawse.

I finally spanked Lion last night. When I was running around getting dinner ready, I kept walking past the spanking bench, so I decided I’d drag it out to make it that much easier to access. It would also serve as a reminder that I needed to use it before I got in the shower and remembered too late.

The dog stayed under the bench last time I spanked Lion. She was giving him sympathy while the mean lady whomped him. Last night, she was jumping all over the place. She found herself on the other side of the bedroom door and carried on the entire time. From Lion’s point of view, the good part about this is that it took a few minutes off the timer.

Lion suggested using the leather paddle as a way to avoid bleeding. It was worth a shot, and it did help. He only bled a little toward the end of the twenty minutes. I think I stopped with three minutes left. Considering the wasted minutes in the beginning when the dog had to be corralled, he was probably spanked for closer to fifteen minutes. It wasn’t as severe as it could have been, but he got a pretty long session.

I used a wooden paddle to warm him up. After that, I alternated between the leather paddle, a crop, and a rubber tawse. Having never spanked anyone else, I don’t know about the spankee’s ability to tell what implement is being used. Lion can’t. It seems strange to me. For example, I’d think he should feel the difference between a wood paddle and a crop. I guess when things hurt, it doesn’t really matter what they’re made of.

If I had to critique things, I’d say I like wooden paddles over the leather one. I’m not sure why. It’s not that I’m out for blood. It’s even possible that the leather paddle did a better job proving my point. Maybe I like the heft of the wood paddles better. Maybe I just need more practice with leather and rubber. Not to worry. I’m sure Lion will forget the coffee pot or interrupt me again sometime soon.