Out for Blood

rubber sp;anking paddle with holes
conveyor belt rubber paddle.

As promised, I whomped Lion’s freshly showered buns last night. I don’t know if having softened buns had any effect or not. I just thought it would be fun. Plus, it gave me a specific time to shoot for. Lion knew he’d be swatted before dinner rather than after. He’d have time to recover before we did anything sexual. And it gave him something to think about. He asked for coming attractions. I don’t think that anticipating a spanking was what he had in mind.

A few weeks ago, I switched to leather paddles. Well, leather and rubber. The poor, wimpy Lion hide was bleeding too much when I used wooden paddles. I have to hit much harder to get my point across with leather and rubber. I managed to get two or three little dots of blood with Sunday’s football swats. It’s not that I’m out for blood. However, you can’t argue that blood does give the illusion of a job well done. Of course, if he starts bleeding too soon, it means we’ll have to stop before we’ve gotten started.

At first, I didn’t like the leather paddles. They don’t have the same bang for the buck as wood. Then I branched out and started using rubber paddles too. Those can be nasty suckers. I don’t know if they’ll draw blood, but I assume they can. The rubber, I think, delivers the same oomph as wood. It has the added benefit of flexing back, so, theoretically, it takes less force to deliver a blow. I like that part. My arm doesn’t get as tired.

I still think I like wood better. A few punishments ago, I started with wood, just to get the ball rolling, before switching to leather and rubber. I don’t know if it mattered or not. I think I have to do more research with rubber. Maybe I don’t need wood at all. If I can deliver the same message without drawing blood, it’s worth a shot.

[Lion — Wood is much more painful. Rubber is worse than leather but nowhere as nasty as wood. However, if enough force is used, leather can be just as painful as wood.]