Please Punish Me Tonight

You could say that things have gotten more interesting around here. I managed to avoid getting punished on Saturday night. Neither of us was in the mood. Mrs. Lion was tired, and her legs ached. My digestion was still off, and the last thing I wanted was to be on the spanking bench. She was kind enough to postpone the inevitable.

We snuggled for a long time. It felt warm and cozy. Mrs. Lion’s hand never strayed near my penis. I didn’t say anything but wondered why she didn’t want to be sexual. Then I read her Sunday post, “I Won’t Yank Until I Spank.” Oh boy, there’s a consequence for delaying punishment. I can’t say that postponing sexual activity is enough to make me beg to be spanked. It is enough to encourage prompt administration of lioness justice.

Her post makes it clear that she’s come to terms with the idea of punishing me. She equates delaying sex with grounding a child. I can’t fault her reasoning. If I’m delaying a punishment, why should Mrs. Lion give me sexual pleasure? Her idea certainly increases my interest in getting the punishment done.

It’s a very smart idea. I’m interested in being spanked because it turns me on to think about it –not to get it. By withholding sexual activities until I’ve been spanked, she’s increasing my interest in mounting the spanking bench—diabolical lioness.

This is a classic case of “Be careful what you wish for.” I’ve been writing about maternal discipline as a model for a disciplinary wife. Apparently, Mrs. Lion is evolving toward that model. It isn’t so much that I see myself as a child with Mrs. Lion as my mommy. That’s the furthest thing from my mind. If you think about it, the only models of loving authority come from parents. The Catholic church has never been shy about adopting useful models. They call priests “father.”

It makes sense. We all understand the power exchange between parents and children. Parents love their children and administer punishment to help them grow into better adults. Mrs. Lion uses discipline to help me be a better man. That authority doesn’t make me a little boy or mean that she micromanages me. She doesn’t.

She knows that I’m horny. Now that the rule is in place that there is no sex until pending punishments are delivered, I hope she will deliver justice promptly.