How To Succeed In Sex And Spanking

Friday night was fun for me. Mrs. Lion actively teased me and orally edged me twice. I’m at that stage (7 to 14 days) when edging is fairly easy. She was happy to learn that I still had two sore spots on my bottom from Wednesday night’s spanking. Sex and spanking have a lot in common. Both require good techniques to be effective. Most people don’t take the time or trouble to master either.

The most difficult thing is being able to read your partner. Sex is more than simply stimulating a penis or clitoris. At different stages in the arousal cycle, different levels of stimulation will produce the best results. That’s why one-night stands rarely result in good sex. It takes time and some trial and error to learn what works and doesn’t work. Becoming an expert with a partner can take years.

The same is true of spanking. Waling away with a paddle will almost never produce the optimum result. Wait a minute! Is there a goal in spanking? Obviously, in sex, the goal is producing the desired level of arousal. What are we trying to achieve with a spanking?

This is an uncomfortable topic to consider. A spanking is administered to punish someone. It is meant to provide an experience far worse than the behavior that would prevent it. Since spankings are almost always administered with the recipient unrestrained, it has to progress so that it doesn’t compel the person being spanked to run away. That means the sequence of swats has to be controlled and built up slowly enough to help the spankee stay in position.

However, it has to proceed to harder swats quickly enough to prevent his bottom from getting “used” to the swats. It’s a delicate process and requires the ability to “read” the spankee. Mrs. Lion and I have learned that this buildup is important, and enough time has to be allowed for her to make me thoroughly sorry I earned my spanking. The more pain she can inflict to my bottom, the more likely I will work hard to avoid another visit with her paddles.

It took a long time for Mrs. Lion to work out how to do this. She’s still fine-tuning my experience. For example, during my spanking on Wednesday, she rubbed the rough side of a paddle on my bottom. She thought it would feel rough and hurt. It didn’t. It actually felt good. My skin had developed enough natural anesthesia to make me immune to that sort of stimulation. Had she applied it in areas that were unspanked, my experience would have been different.

She also hit considerably harder than usual. I hated that. It made me seriously think about safewording. It would have been wrong if I did. I wasn’t in danger. I was just very unhappy with how much it hurt when she hit me. I didn’t cry, and I recovered quickly when she was done. On reflection, I realized that she had improved her style. Some of our readers like to think this is cruel. It isn’t. It’s exactly what I want. It’s also exactly what Mrs. Lion has been working to achieve.

The consummate accolade for sexual skill is a gigantic orgasm. I suppose the spanking equivalent is tears. I’ve never cried during a spanking. I probably never will. Who knows? Maybe at some point, I will. If I do, it will be a credit to a consummate spanker.

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