Windows 11 And She Has The Wheel

Friday night was a bust. The weird side effect from my local anesthesia was still going on. My nose was running, and I was sneezing. It was still bothering me when I went to bed. Saturday morning started early for me. I woke up at 5 AM and the puppy at 5:15. Mrs. Lion got up to take the puppy out. I let her know I was up too. She asked if I planned to stay up. I said I thought so. She decided she was up too. When she came back from supervising the pup’s backyard visit, we streamed “Law and Order SVU.” She slept through about two hours of episodes.

Saturday is a designated punishment day. Coincidently, I will be spanked later. I’m writing this post on Saturday morning. Mrs. Lion’s patience only goes so far. It’s very unlikely I will escape another day. Maybe I will be spanked and wanked. The probability of ejaculation is less than ten percent. That’s OK. It has to be.

In other news, Mrs. Lion installed my new monitors on Friday. I also installed Windows 11 on my desktop computer. So far, it is about the same as Windows 10. I’ll have to read up on why this version is better. I belong to the Microsoft preview group, so I get new stuff a bit early. Microsoft says that your PC has to have a certain amount of power to utilize the new OS fully. Our PCs are new and very powerful. Upgrading was trivial with no glitches.

I realize that this isn’t exactly hot stuff. I’ve been thinking about some very important questions relating to male chastity. The male perspective is everywhere on the Web. It appears that male chastity becomes less about the hardware over time. Some guys are very attached to their chastity devices. It appears that most aren’t. I don’t know of any wives, including Mrs. Lion, who care much about locking up their husband’s penis.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about controlling my orgasms. She’s very serious about that. I may not be wearing a device now, but I know that I am not allowed to get off on my own. I haven’t. The last time I masturbated was in January 2014. It isn’t my fetish. Mrs. Lion wants to be my only source of release. She isn’t terribly interested in making me wait for long periods of time, but I think she’s learned to enjoy being in control. I imagine that most women aren’t all that interested in their husband’s ejaculations.

I’m convinced that male chastity promotes intimacy. I don’t know about Mrs. Lion’s prior sexual experiences. I suspect she provided sex when asked in her prior marriage. In our marriage, she has the wheel. I think that offers a new layer of intimacy we both enjoy.


  1. I have purchased about 6 chastity devices and crave to have my wife put them on me.
    She finds them intimidating and potentially a deterrent to her playing with me. I told her that she has the key and can take it off whenever she wants. She doesn’t even take it off, just gives me the key. She isn’t interested.
    I recently read that someone thought a man wants to wear a cage because it is a constant bit of attention that he is receiving. As with Mrs. Lion, my wife has less and less sex drive. She does want to please me, but as with most of the submissives I read about, I crave more than the rare dominance that she provides.

    1. Author

      Mrs. Lion does a very good job keeping me happy and under control. I’m lucky.

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