Not Again

Lion’s tummy was not feeling all that great last night. His nose had finally settled down so I dragged out the spanking bench. He didn’t say anything about not feeling well until he was on the bench, strapped down, and I had swatted him a few times. Of course, I would have waited until tonight to spank him if he’d said something. He’s not intentionally trying to delay getting spanked. We’ve just hit a rough patch of his not feeling well. Truth be told, my sinuses have been bothering me but that doesn’t stop me from spanking him. The most it would stop is oral sex because I’d like to be able to breathe while I suck him.

Obviously, a delay in his punishment creates a delay in his pleasure. He won’t be tied to the bed until tomorrow night. And if we have to delay punishment again, we delay pleasure again. I’m characterizing tying him to the bed as pleasure, but if you recall, my plan is actually for IcyHot or the hated tiny clothespins. Maybe he is delaying things on purpose. (I don’t really think so.) Does he think I’ll forget? I’ve been known to do that, but at this point the only thing I’m likely to forget is tying him to the bed. He will get punished eventually.

I’m sure, even though it will hurt, Lion is looking forward to being tied to the bed. He loves bondage that much. He’ll say he doesn’t really like the IcyHot or tiny clothespins. He’ll say it’s just the thought of them before and after that turn him on. I still don’t buy that argument. Why would you put yourself through that if you didn’t get some pleasure out of it? Of course, what just popped into my mind is childbirth. There is no pleasure in that pain but usually you get some pleasure afterwards in the bouncing baby. I guess childbirth is the perfect analogy. You have fun during conception and during the pregnancy, not so much fun during the actual birth and then pleasure with the baby. Clearly the baby is a longer term pleasure, and perhaps pain, but it’s the closest I’ve ever come to understanding why Lion does what he does.

Sort of.