As The Lions Turn

Thursday night was a little surprising. Mrs. Lion didn’t feel up to spanking me. I suppose that means she will probably be ready tonight (Friday) or Saturday. I was happy she chose to wait. She also gave me wonderful oral sex that included an orgasm–more good news. We plan to go to the casino this weekend for our free dinners. Never reject free food!

On top of that, we have to start getting ready for our new arrival. We will be picking her up next Friday. It’s been nine years since Daisy was a pup. Willow is coming to us at eight weeks, just like Daisy. We are struggling with what we have learned about spaying her. Recent studies have revealed that spaying a golden retriever at any age dramatically increases the chances of joint problems and cancer later in life. We were led to believe that if we wait until she is six months old, there is less likelihood of these problems. Apparently, this isn’t the case. We have to weigh the risks of accidental pregnancy against the increased probability of joint disease and cancer.

At lunchtime on Friday, a van pulled up and delivered a nice bouquet. We were both puzzled about where it came from. It was from the vet and the Seattle Veterinary Specialties hospital where Daisy spent her last day. We were very touched and shed some tears. Wow! How thoughtful.

This has nothing to do with male chastity. It’s just another chapter in our little soap opera. Since I’m unspanked and sexually satisfied, my inclination is to snooze in the shade. Speaking of which, the insane heat disappeared as suddenly as it arrived. Daytime highs are in the 70’s again. People from our part of the world are weather wimps.

Since this post is a miscellany, I wonder about how many other males have no pubic hair. It’s been so long since I’ve had any. I can’t remember what I looked like when furry. There seems to be a trend for women to let their pits grow out. I’m not too fond of it. There, I said it! I have a strong preference for hairless pubes and pits. Aren’t you glad I let you know?

useful hacks

If you use Microsoft Office 365, there is a free program that lets you preview future versions. It’s the Office Insider program. I like it a lot. If you do a web search for it, you can get instructions on how to join. The current version has a word/sentence completing feature in Outlook that I love. Unlike Apple’s, it’s very smart. It shows you what it thinks is right in light grey. If you agree, hit the tab key, and it fills it in. Cool!

If you write, there is a great tool that provides excellent, real-time proofreading. It’s called Grammarly. There is a useful free version and a paid upgrade that is nothing short of spectacular. Give it a try. It installs itself into browsers and Office. This tool keeps the blog clean and grammatical.

Windows 11 is coming soon. If you belong to Windows Insider, you can get a preview version that is probably not stable enough to be on the PC you use all the time. This program offers several levels based on how much tolerance you have for bugs. I use the highest level, which is the prerelease version. This is the version of Windows installed on my machine when I worked for Microsoft. It’s stable and has nice preview features. Soon, a stable version of Windows 11 will be available. I think it is a nice improvement of Win 10.

Male sex toy hacks

I’ve been evaluating male sex toys for many years. I seem to be immune to almost all of them. I’ve tried everything from Fleshlights to Autoblow. None got me off. Only two are pretty reliable in giving me orgasms: the Magic Wand vibrator and the Venus 2000. You probably know about the Magic Wand. A cordless version costs about $125. It’s the gold standard of vibrators.

The Venus 2000 (may have a different name now) is made by the guy who makes the Sybian female sex-machine. The Venus device uses a vacuum pump and a rubber sleeve inside a larger plastic cylinder. It accurately simulates a blow job. It took me a while to work out exactly how to set it up. It needs tunings for your particular penis. Once set correctly, it feels wonderful and got me off every time. I used this device years ago.

There is a new crop of male vibrating toys. They are based on super magnet vibrating motors. These motors deliver a much stronger force than traditional toys. They rival the Magic Wand in some cases. These toys, like the Jett (search for it), deliver excellent stimulation. They aren’t cheap and never worked for me. Your experience may be different.

Male sex toys, called “masturbators” in the trade, are designed to stimulate that area on your penis just under the head—some like the Fleshlight attempt to duplicate the feel of a mouth, anus, or vagina. There are lots of these toys out there, but they aren’t very different from one another. Mrs. Lion provides my only reliable way of getting off. She’s perfect!