I Still Don’t Get It

Lion was still sneezing and stuffy last night. For some reason, my sinuses were hurting too. Maybe it was sympathy pains. I decided to push off his spanking another day. I want all his attention focused on his rear end, not his nose. Besides, as Lion just reminded me, today is punishment day.

In his post yesterday, Lion says he doesn’t normally feel like doing anything sexual after a punishment spanking. I thought it was fine as long as there was some time in between. We don’t have to play after punishment. It makes more sense to have him stew in his own juices, so to speak. Rather than distract him from the pain, I’ll leave him to consider each movement and how much it hurts then and ponder how much it will hurt the next day. That’s a much more valuable use of his time. We can play the next day.

On that note, I will give Lion something to look forward to. On Sunday, I will tie him to the bed again. This time it will be face up. I haven’t decide what evil thing I will do to him once he’s in that position, but he has very little say in it anyway. It might be something he’ll enjoy. It might be something he won’t. I know he’ll like being tied up and from there he might be sorry I ever got new restraints.

He knows the things he won’t like. I’m talking about those tiny clothespins, IcyHot, ball swats, etc. While he will stay still if I use them when he’s not restrained, he obviously has no choice when he is. Then there’s the irony. He wants me to tie him up even though it means I can do the evil things to him. Of course, the larger irony is that he wants painful things done to him but insists he doesn’t like it while it’s happening. He maintains that it turns him on thinking about it before and after, but not during. I still don’t get it. Good thing I don’t need to get it to do it.