Big Mac Attack

Yesterday was the scheduled orgasm day. Mrs. Lion took out the Magic Wand, edged me a few times, then made me come. I wasn’t in the mood when she started, but by the time she edged me three or four times, I was ready to go. I had physical therapy on Thursday after work. It is quite painful. The therapist, a woman, asked me how I was handling the pain. I told her I was ok. I wanted to say, “I’m used to a woman hurting me.” But that would have, at the least, puzzled her.

I did something yesterday that I thought I would never, ever consider: I borrowed a Mac at work and decided to learn to use it. What does that have to do with enforced chastity? Nothing directly. But on a much deeper level it’s significant. I’ve been using PC’s since IBM made the first one. I’ve eschewed Apple computers from the beginning of the age of computing. It has almost been a religion. I know and love Windows. I’ve always considered Mac’s to be toys that rebellious university people bought out of a childish need to show they aren’t part of the computing establishment. After all, well over 95% of the world’s computers run Windows.

Anyway, there are a lot of Mac’s at my current workplace. I developed a kind of Mac envy seeing the sleek laptops. I know in my heart of hearts that while the industrial design is great, the OS is behind the product I love. However, I’ve been changing. Since surrendering to Mrs. Lion, I find myself less stubborn about a lot of things. I was a holdout until last spring owning a Windows phone. Last March I traded it for an iPhone. So, slowly but surely I have been opening myself to new computing experiences.

To me, at least, these external changes reflect deeper, inner evolution. Sexual surrender has been profound to me. Maybe it has killed my good judgement and convinced me to go to the shiny metal computers. I think what has been happening is that I’ve discovered that my sexual surrender hasn’t closed down my opportunities for sexual pleasure. It’s actually expanded my experiences and has opened new channels of communication with my lioness. While frequently frustrating, enforced chastity has been great for me. Sex is a daily topic of conversation. We have become more physically loving. We are both happier.

You may think I’m going to say that all this goodness opened me to a superior computing experience. It didn’t. Mac’s are cool but they really are inferior to their PC cousins. Then why aren’t I returning to my Lenovo laptop. I may after I get tired of the novelty of a new operating system. But I don’t think I will. For one thing, I fit in better at meetings and other places we compute publicly.  No, I don’t really care about that. I think the real reason is that I like the change for its own sake.

I don’t know. The timing isn’t accidental. Perhaps Apple products are more appealing if one’s genitals are locked in a chastity device. Maybe surrender of control to Mrs. Lion has made me more sensitive to my environment and fitting in has gained new importance to me. Or, it may be that significant change has become less of a threat to me and has opened me up to trying new things.

For the record, I like my iPhone a lot. It’s not as intuitive as the Windows phone, but it has all the apps in the world and the Microsoft product has almost none. Inside the case, the Mac is the same computer as the Lenovo. Years ago, Apple threw in the towel and began building machines with the same architecture as PC’s. However, software made for the Mac OS handles differently than the Windows versions. More importantly, at least to the New Lion, I am using the same software as my colleagues. It feels nice to do that.


  1. Author

    You can delete this comment right after reading it, but you need to update your description! After all we are well past March 2016 and you are still caged… Just saying! lol
    I love my PC too. But I’ve used Macs and they are good machines. A tad expensive for what they offer but many love them.

  2. Author

    “Well over 95% of the worlds computers run Windows” might be a bit of a stretch.

    If you discount most of the server market, almost all hand-held computers (aka phones and tablets), and only count desktop computers then Windows indeed has almost 90% of market share…

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