I am supposed to get “just because” spankings twice a week. At least, that was Mrs. Lion’s plan. Fortunately for me, it hasn’t worked out that way. I get less, and the ones I do get are usually for a reason. I’m not complaining. I’m also not suggesting that Mrs. Lion sticks to her planned twice-a-week spanking plan. Given that I’m sore for days after a spanking, that might be a bit too much. That’s not my point.

Two of the three last “just because” spankings turned out to be punishment for offenses Mrs. Lion caught me committing. That’s what got me thinking. Maybe the key to keeping me regularly reminded of my role isn’t spanking me “just because.” Perhaps a better idea is for Mrs. Lion to find reasons to spank me.

I’m not the only lion in this house who needs training. Mrs. Lion wants to sharpen her claws and punish me for annoying her. What if she has to find a reason to spank me at least once a week? We both agree that we both “forget” our disciplinary relationship if I am not spanked fairly often. Up till now, the focus has been on me. I need regular spankings to keep emotionally and sexually balanced. That’s true. To make sure this need is met, we established the “just because” spankings. These are scheduled events and have nothing to do with Mrs. Lion discovering me breaking a rule.

That’s the problem. I’m getting what I need, but Mrs. Lion isn’t. Yes, she is getting more opportunities to hone her spanking skills, but she isn’t sharpening her ability to catch and punish subjective offenses. Just as we learned to incorporate discipline in our marriage by making and enforcing rules I was bound to break, it’s time to do the same thing for more subjective offenses.

I’m proposing that Mrs. Lion agrees to find at least one spankable offense a week. It can be anything she wants. The offense isn’t important. What matters is that she observes something she doesn’t like and punishes me for it. Since the requirement is that she finds a reason to spank me, the reason itself isn’t that important. What counts is that she is learning to observe and punish things that aren’t explicit rules. It should be fairly easy for her since she knows I need regular paddling.

I guess that I will end up on the receiving end of a paddle more than once a week. That’s fine since Mrs. Lion said I need more frequent time on the spanking bench. We’ve learned the value of consistency. This plan may be the way for Mrs. Lion to learn to punish subjective offenses consistently. If she agrees to this, I expect it will hurt to sit almost all the time. That’s fine with me.

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