Lion’s Birthday Ride

In a post the other day, Lion put in a birthday request. He would like to be ridden. In addition, he’d like me to be turned on and have an orgasm while I do it. That may be a tall order. I mean, I’m absolutely willing to ride him. I love feeling him inside me. My being turned on and having an orgasm is a tall order. I can make no promises. Aside from that, I think it’s a wonderful idea.

For the record, the biggest reason we don’t have vaginal sex is, in the past, when I’ve suggested it, Lion said I don’t have to do it. Of course, I don’t. I don’t have to jerk him off or suck him. I don’t have to go to work. I don’t have to eat. There are many things I don’t have to do. I work because I want to eat. I jerk him off and suck him because I like to do it. One reason not to ride him is that I can’t really edge him that way. I don’t have much control, so every time I ride him, he’d expect an orgasm. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I don’t have a problem with him knowing in that particular case. I’d rather he not know when I’m jerking him off or sucking him.

As long as Lion is ready for action, he can have his birthday Lion ride and orgasm. He’s got a little less than a month to anticipate it. Of course, nothing is stopping me from riding him between now and then. And I really don’t have to give him an orgasm while I ride him. I could get him all hot and bothered and stop. I can’t reliably edge him. Does that make him a poor Lion or a lucky Lion?

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  1. Indeed he doesn’t have to have an orgasm—he would still much enjoy the experience. I don’t orgasm often with my Queen, but I always enjoy the experience. Truthfully, she believes me, but has a hard time understanding it. She thinks I should always want an orgasm and should be disappointed when I don’t get one. After six years, she is finally getting it! lol

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