At Least Three Spankings A Week From Now On

It may seem odd that we have started a series of scheduled spankings. It seems a little more like BDSM than domestic discipline. It isn’t BDSM at all. We’ve been stalled in our domestic discipline. Mrs. Lion is 100 percent consistent when it comes to spanking me for leaving the shower door open or failing to set up our coffee maker. She has no trouble delivering a painful ten-minute spanking for those offenses. When it comes to more subjective offenses, it’s very different.

We both agree that I should be punished for annoying Mrs. Lion. She dislikes it when I interrupt her (who could blame her?). She also isn’t fond of me acting like a know-it-all. A long time ago, she made doing those things punishable offenses. The problem is that she doesn’t spank me for committing them. This isn’t unusual. Other couples report the same problem with punishing these subjective behavioral problems.

I think there is a simple explanation. Breaking rules, like leaving the shower door open (if I do, the dog goes in and splashes around), are easy to spot and not subject to any interpretation. Interrupting, on the other hand, isn’t so easy to punish. Did I really interrupt, or was there a pause in the conversation that made me think she was done with the thought? Worse yet, did I really annoy her, or was she upset by something else?

It’s too easy to rationalize away those offenses. My perspective is different. If I interrupt, even if it is because of a long pause in a thought, I’m still wrong. I should be more aware of the flow of the conversation and less interested in inserting my contribution. As far as I’m concerned, nothing should mitigate an interruption. It’s no different than leaving the shower door open. The same is true of being a know-it-all. No excuses. As far as being annoying in other ways, that will take some time for her to work out.

Our new three-spankings-a-week routine provides an infrastructure for punishing subjective offenses. Before we started it, if I interrupted, Mrs. Lion would have to initiate a spanking. That’s not a big deal physically, but emotionally I imagine it is. However, if she is already going to spank me for five minutes as part of the new plan, it isn’t emotionally difficult to add five more for interrupting or annoying her. I’m already getting paddled.

This technique worked well when we first started DD. “Punishment days” were set up to help her remember to spank me for breaking rules. In those days, I had a bunch of easy-to-break rules that Mrs. Lion designed to give us both practice with dd. One rule from back then that I have to follow to this day is reminding her on each punishment day (Monday, Thursday, and Saturday). I do this faithfully. If I forget, I am spanked.

Our new agreement has me spanked on each punishment day for the same reason we started it years ago. It gives Mrs. Lion an easy reminder to punish me for subjective offenses. If I don’t break a rule, I get at least five minutes of spanking each punishment day. If I break one rule, I get ten minutes. Five minutes are added for each additional offense. Since I’m already riding the spanking bench, and Mrs. Lion is committed to at least five minutes of spanking me, she shouldn’t be terribly worried about whether or not a subjective offense is important enough to punish. She’s already spanking me. We’ll see how this works.

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