Don’t Tickle His Ribs

When Lion fell last week he must have hurt himself more than he knew. He was in pain for a day or two and thought that was the end of it. If he coughed hard or moved wrong, it still hurt but it wasn’t the horrible pain of the day he fell – until last night. He started coughing and he just kept going and going. Enter the pain he had the other night. I had to run out to get him an ace bandage to wrap around his ribs. That did the trick.

Before I realized he was in so much pain, I dragged out the spanking bench. I offered to postpone it till today but he didn’t want to. Once he was face down, he realized he had to. I’m not heartless. Rib pain is not the kind of pain I was going for. I wanted bright red buns with a bruise or two. No fun! He just asked if I was going to make up the spanking tonight. It all depends on when we get home. The dog ate his glasses so we have to go later to get a replacement pair. Of course, it also depends on how he feels. If his ribs still hurt a lot then it makes no sense to put him through a spanking.

This is the latest example of life intruding. There will be more. You can’t really get too hung up on schedules being broken. I’m just glad I was here to get him the ace bandage and make sure he was taken care of. That’s the important thing.

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  1. Ha, the dog ate his glasses… talk about real life intruding on your plans.

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