Spareribs and Brisket

smoked pork ribs
Here are a few of Saturday night’s ribs. I snapped it before we devoured the last one. This tasted better than it looks. I’ve had ribs in many restaurants, even the most famous ones in Chicago. These were actually better.

Today I barbecued my first pork ribs. I did it in a Traeger smoker. We bought it in January and last weekend, as you may have read, I went to BBQ school and learned how to do this stuff. The ribs took six hours to smoke. I was more than a little nervous since we spent a lot of money we really don’t have for the ribs and a huge brisket. Mrs. Lion isn’t really a fan of BBQ, but she actually loved the ribs. I am both proud and relieved. The big test starts at midnight. That’s when I put in that $70 brisket. This cut of meat is considered the most difficult barbecue task. It’s incredibly easy to screw it up. We put the rub on the brisket last night. I comes out of the fridge at 10 PM tonight, when it reaches room temperature, I inject it with broth and spices and then put it on the smoker at midnight. At 10 AM tomorrow it should be at 165 degrees. At that point it gets wrapped in foil with some apple juice. It stays there until the internal temperature reaches about 200 degrees. Then it comes out and is kept, wrapped in foil and a towel inside a cooler until dinner time six hours later.

I managed to drop some of the tuna salad I made for lunch. This will earn me some more swats on punishment day (Monday). This session may require restraints. Mrs. Lion does not take food accidents lightly. The culinary goddess giveth and she taketh away. After dinner had time to settle, Mrs. Lion uncaged me and we did a brief tease. I’m not very horny today. I think it is mostly due to my culinary focus all day. Mrs. Lion decided to let me stay wild all night. I had a tiny sore spot on my penis.

At 9:30 last night, the 12 lb brisket came out of the fridge to get up to room temperature. At 11:30, I injected the brisket with some beef broth and spices. That will help keep the meat nice and tender. It should be done by noon today. It then rests in an insulated chest until dinner at 6. She was right. The investment in this meat has definitely improved my spirits.

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