Lion the Brave

When I was little I had a book called Bill the Brave. It was a story about a dog with a bad toothache. He had a bandage tied around his head like the one shown in the picture. I admit, until this morning, I had no idea what the purpose of the bandage was.

About a week ago Lion broke a tooth. It was not something his regular dentist felt comfortable pulling so he was referred to an oral surgeon. When he was all done, he had a nifty bandage around his head that held ice against his cheek. Ice! Duh. The bandage held ice. All these years of not knowing.

Since Lion knew he wouldn’t be in any shape for sexual activity tonight, he courageously told me not to feel compelled to give him an orgasm last night. He was sure he could make it another few days. Look out, Bill the Brave. You’ve been unseated by Lion the Brave. Such sacrifice!

I found it humorous that Lion would tell me not to feel it necessary to give him an orgasm…as if he could determine when he has one. I hadn’t really considered giving him one. Or not giving him one, for that matter. I know I’ve given him orgasms prior to other surgeries when I know there will be long recoveries. Having a tooth pulled does not normally have a long recovery.

Actually, I was feeling fairly yucky last night. I’m not sure I considered playing with him until he asked. It was clear from the outset that he wasn’t going to enjoy a hand job. I told him he was spoiled as I moved between his legs. I decided the penalty was to tease him mercilesly.

I still hadn’t decided to give him an orgasm. I was just having fun making him squirm. I got him so close so many times I’m not sure how he held out as long as he did. Then I decided, in honor of his telling me not to feel obligated, that I’d give him an orgasm. That’ll show him!

Right now, Lion is snoozing. He’s on a soft food diet for a few days. He’s already had some ice cream. I know it wasn’t his tonsils that came out, but ice cream has some decent nutrients in it. This is per a doctor after Lion had an infection in his knee and could only manage chocolate shakes. If it’s good for a knee infection, it’s good for a tooth extraction. Yet another sacrifice by Lion the Brave.