Heart-Shaped Bruises

This is the “cute” heart-shaped paddle I found. Mrs. Lion might like it. Click the image to go to the maker’s page.

Monday night didn’t work out for my spanking. It was originally a “just because” and converted to punishment for annoying Mrs. Lion. I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon. She says I will be getting it tonight or tomorrow night. Lucky me. I am looking forward to some teasing. That will be fun. Mrs. Lion took Tuesday off from work so she could take me to the eye doctor. As usual, the appointment took hours. I had to see two separate specialists and go through three eye imaging tests. We have another couple of errands to run. Depending on when we finish, Mrs. Lion will decide what will be on our dance card tonight.

I received an ad from Esty. Since the paddle maker we like best sells through them, they like to send me listings of stuff I might want. In the past, I’ve done paddle shopping. Mrs. Lion is much less interested in finding new paddles. Her focus is on using them. She has quite a few. This particular one seemed I don’t know, sort of cute. You know, like the stuff you get in the Cracker Barrel gift shop. Maybe they have it there. A picture of it is on the right. Click the image to go to the dealer.

Normally, I would order it and give it to my lioness. I didn’t this time because I know what it feels like when she uses her gift. I figure that if she swats hard enough with this particular paddle, it will leave little heart-shaped marks on my butt. She might like that. Well, if she wants me to buy it, I can order it.

There isn’t much else to report today. Excuse the short post.

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  1. Nice paddle. I think that Mrs. Leo will like not only its appearance, but also its ease of use.

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