No Reservations Needed

As Mrs. Lion wrote, August is a very significant month for us. We made our first contact online on August 13th, 2002. We met at a motel on August 16 and made love lion style. I was very anxious to avoid long online communications. I was sure that fantasy would play too big a part in how we imagined one another. Mrs. Lion agreed, and we got together just three days after our first online exchange.

We had fun. Both of us were looking for sex. There was no expectation of anything more. Fortunately, the sex was very good. I would get a room for three hours. Mrs. Lion would meet me in the motel parking lot. We would go inside and undress. Then, we would have sex. When we were done, we would lie next to one another, snuggle and talk. Our conversations covered our lives, hopes, and dreams. It was very comfortable and easy.

I was at the end of a stressful relationship. I decided that a peaceful, loving partnership was my goal. I was willing to sacrifice BDSM in favor of snuggles. At least I thought I was. Anyway, after a while, Mrs. Lion would come to my house instead of a motel. It added about an hour to her drive. We liked it because it was a nest we could share.

As soon as she was able, Mrs. Lion moved in with me. She still had to commute upstate for her family and job. Over time she got a job near our house. There was no pressure to marry. Love snuck up on us. We realized that we wanted to be together–no fireworks or violin music.

I got a job with good health insurance. I wanted Mrs. Lion on the policy. I also wanted her to have the full benefit of the law if a decision had to be made for any reason. She agreed to marry me. We ended up tying the knot on August 15. We didn’t plan it that way. There is magic in the eighth month of the year.

I wonder how many relationships that began just for sex actually survive very long.  The desperate search for orgasms quickly goes from searing heat to a simmer for most couples. Sex is definitely not relationship epoxy. We are inseparable because we find comfort and peace with one another. I can’t imagine my life without my lioness. I’m hers without a single reservation.


  1. I thought this was going to be a post about your dinner at Olive Garden and not needing reservations!
    I always enjoy hearing the back story of how my favorite bloggers got started in their relationship.
    My wife and I started with a somewhat long distance relationship also, she lived an hour away from me.
    We met in the hospital, I was a patient, she a student nurse. I had numerous follow up appointments, always scheduled for Friday afternoon, then we would go on a date. Soon she got her own apartment and our dates became weekends.
    When I finished physical therapy and no longer had appointments to provide an excuse for trips to her town I had to decide that the relationship would continue. Easy choice. She moved in with me to continue her studies, but got a new job first and never did go back to school.
    I used to think that our relationship was only based on sex too. Three children and 35 years of marriage later sex is still important to us, just not nearly so frequent!
    I agree with your statement, I am hers, no reservations. Even more now than ever before.

    1. Author

      It’s great when you find happiness and grab it.

  2. Cool modern story. No Cinderella, princes and princesses.
    Lion, you need to write a new love story in the realities of our time. Tired of these sugary stories about the grimy victim.
    Finally, I would like to congratulate you on your anniversary. I hope that next year, for your 20th anniversary, you will fulfill my request 🙂
    (The idea is free)

    1. Author

      Maybe my book Vacation with a Stranger is more what you want. Thanks for the good wishes.

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