Today is the 19th anniversary of the day we first met in person. How can I remember that? Maybe it’s because all the dates are concentrated in one month. We met online on the 13th of August. Three days later, we met in person. Three years later, on August 15, we got married. It was a coincidence that we got married in August. Lion had just gotten a job, and he was able to get medical benefits. He also wanted us to be able to make decisions on each other’s health should anything horrible happen. Oh, and we were in love, of course.

Anyway, sometimes it feels like we’ve known each other forever, and sometimes it feels like a short time. I think the short time comes from the realization that we wasted so much time with the wrong people. We wish we had met sooner. However, I know that we met when we were supposed to meet. I was ready. He was ready. The timing was perfect.

We are literally an odd couple. We don’t share the same taste in music. He likes opera, classical music, and musicals. I do not like any of that. He has a more discerning palate. He likes lobster. I like junk food. He’s neater than I am. He’s Felix, and I’m Oscar. Well, not that bad. He’s not as fastidious as Felix, and I’m not as messy as Oscar, but there’s no reason we should work. Except, we do. I don’t know what it is, but we were made for each other. Sappy! Yup. That’s us.

It really doesn’t matter why we shouldn’t be together. We are together, and that’s not going to stop anytime soon.

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  1. Opposites attract. Therefore, you can be together.
    I congratulate you on your anniversary and wish you further joint prosperity.

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