August Is The Hottest Month

All of our relationship milestones are in August. It must be an auspicious month for me. Both of my kids were also conceived in August. I guess I’m in heat that month. Of course, I’m in heat every month, but August seems special.

In August 2002 I went online and signed up for a dating site. It only took minutes to find Mrs. Lion’s picture and profile. I knew I wanted to have sex with her. It was August, after all. I was incredibly lucky that she was in heat too. We met and mounted just three days later. A little over a year later we were living together. In August 2005 we got married.

For the record, marriage wasn’t so much a romantic milestone at the time as it was my idea to assure we could legally insure each other or make decisions in case of illness. I think that Mrs. Lion wanted to get married when we did because the date was close to the other significant dates in our relationship. It would be easier to remember. Thank you Mrs. Lion! [Mrs. Lion — Neither one of us was looking to get married, but when he “asked” I figured we’d be together forever anyway so why not make it legal?]

Until Mrs. Lion mentioned all of the clustered August dates I didn’t realize how auspicious this month is. Way back when I conceived my kids, both were conceived in August. I can’t come up with a particular reason why August was special. It’s true we were on vacation at least one of the years that this happened. My ex and I had extremely regular sex, pretty much every day. So that couldn’t be it. My children are four years apart which makes this coincidence even stranger.

I don’t remember any particular reason why I decided to look on a dating site in 2002. One hot afternoon in August I just decided to see what it would be like hunting this way. It’s true that I was horny, very horny. However, that’s not a bit unusual. I was just as horny in July and, for that matter, in June, May, April, you get the idea. The hand of Providence took over and got me onto that website. One look at Mrs. Lion’s terrific smile made me want to meet her and mount her. I am such a romantic!

When I think about it, I can’t come up with a worse way to look for a mate. We both wanted to get laid. Our reasons were very different, but what we wanted to do was a perfect match. The other night I asked Mrs. Lion why we ended up doing anal sex the first two meetings. She couldn’t exactly remember, but said we had typed to one another (We had never spoken on the phone before we met.) about kinds of sex we like and we agreed that anal sex is fun. Apparently, we decided that would be what we would do on our first meeting.

I asked her if she had an orgasm on either of those first two dates. She said that she didn’t think so. I wonder why she came back for more. Apparently her definition of getting laid was a little bit different than mine. Mine always included ejaculation. Hers didn’t include an orgasm. That’s not to say she didn’t have many orgasms after those first two dates. She did; I made sure of it. [Mrs. Lion — I was sowing my wild oats and, apparently, to me anal sex was naughty. Little did I know….]

It’s obvious in hindsight that orgasm isn’t as an important part of sex to her as it is to me. In those early days, whatever it is she wanted I somehow provided. I worried about it at the time. I thought that I blew it when I didn’t give her an orgasm on our first date. I was surprised when she wanted anal sex for our second date. It validated what we did on our first date. It meant she either liked it a lot or she liked me enough to let me have that sort of fun again.

We really didn’t get to know each other for quite a while. Sure, we had a very good idea about how to sexually please one another. Even though I can’t claim to have known it at the time, I got to know how it felt to be with her. It felt incredibly good. For me, there was an attraction that went past sex. I just wanted to be with her.

Over the years as we’ve revealed more and more of our lives on the blog, I can’t help but notice how many things we don’t have in common. We both agree that they’re not important. We just want to be together. No amount of analysis is going to explain it. I’ve never had an experience like this before. What I know is that when we are together I am happy and peaceful. We are truly mated for life.

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  1. It’s good that you are mated for life. It’s great that everything coincided.

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