Spanking Fail, Sucking Win

We finished up the last of the blueberry jam last night. It was only two batches. I threw a frozen lasagna in the oven while we worked. By the time we were done, the food was done. Perfect timing.

Lion was awake when I got home. When I went to get things ready for the jam, he fell asleep. When I woke him, he thought it was morning. Mmm. That would have been nice—twelve hours of sleep. We can dream. The puppy decided that she’ll bark in the middle of the night instead of whining. Have we been sleeping through her whines? We certainly can’t sleep through barking. I took her out at 4. She did her thing. I don’t think she did anything at 11 before bed. When she barked at 5, I told her to calm down. There’s no reason to get up again so soon. At 6, Lion and I both woke up when she barked. I need puppy energy. Actually, I need all the naps she gets. Maybe then I’d be wider awake during the day.

Before my shower, I told Lion I was too tired to spank him. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t disappointed. He wants to be spanked until it’s time to be spanked. I feel bad for putting it off again, but there’s no way I would have been able to give him an effective spanking anyway. I wanted to spank him. The mind was willing even if the body wasn’t.

One thing I knew I had to do was play with my weenie. I had no idea if Lion was horny. He said he was the other day, but that was the other day. Things change. Not this thing on this particular night. He was looking for love. Once I got my weenie all revved up, I asked if Lion could move over for oral sex. Unsurprisingly again, he said he could do it. I set about sucking him, and he was very interested.

I don’t know how long it was because I forgot to set a timer until I have a mouthful of Lion, but he was very interested in a short time. I was tickling his balls. He loves that. Soon he was making happy noises. I got him oh-so-close and stopped. Poor Lion. I was so sad for him that I did it again. I considered giving him an orgasm, but then I decided he really hadn’t waited that long. And we haven’t played since his last one. Why would I give him one so soon when I can play with my food? The last time I sucked him, I didn’t even let him get to the edge. I’m sure it felt good, but it was not close at all. That was by design. I didn’t want him to have the satisfaction of getting oh-so-close again.

Satisfaction? How can it be satisfaction when he didn’t get to come? Well, getting to the edge is its own satisfaction sometimes. I haven’t really been able to edge him in a long time. He’s been losing his erection mid-suck. When I have managed to get him to the edge, I don’t have the heart to “just” edge him. I go all the way as sort of a reward for making it that far.

Last night seemed different, though. He got there more quickly. I hadn’t done any foreplay other than jerking him off for a bit. I did play with him with my mouth before I actually started sucking. I don’t know if it was that or just in the non-slump portion of his sexual cycle. Whatever it was, I figured I’d take advantage of it. Maybe this time around, I can get him super horny and frustrated. Fingers crossed.