Arts And Crafts

The new puppy is wearing Mrs. Lion out. She needs a middle-of-the-night out, and I’m not reliable enough walking to provide that safely. Fortunately, this will stop very soon. The pup is eleven weeks old today. By this time next week, she should be able to get through the night without a pee break. All the puppy attention is taking a toll on us. Mrs. Lion hasn’t gone near my penis in days. She tells me it’s because I am tired and sleep during the evening. In fact, she let me delay my “just because” spanking for that reason.

One of the biggest problems with one-way sex is that Mrs. Lion feels no biological imperative to interact sexually. It’s purely altruistic on her part. She feels no need to make something happen no matter how long it has been since my last orgasm. In fact, the last time, I waited 22 days before she got me off.

This isn’t all her fault. Even when she wanted sex for herself, she didn’t like initiating things. Now that she isn’t interested, it’s obviously very hard for her to do much more than snuggle and fondle my penis. If I get aroused, she offers oral sex. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that I don’t refuse.

It isn’t up to her to get me interested. Sadly, I don’t seem able to do it on my own either. It’s a cooperative effort. We haven’t worked out a reliable way to get started. BDSM helps, especially if Mrs. Lion doesn’t take no for an answer. She will usually retreat if I don’t want that butt plug or dildo up my ass. She won’t tie up my balls or apply IcyHot if I object. Ironically, she has no trouble spanking me, no matter how much I might grumble.

All those activities are for me. Her reasoning, except spanking, is that if I don’t want them, she shouldn’t do them. That’s reasonable, but probably not the best idea for me. I will never be doing the happy dance when I learn she will be stretching my anus. Similarly, I don’t eagerly anticipate my balls on fire or painfully pinched with clothespins.

Lion's tied balls
One of Mrs. Lion’s favorites. She loves to tie my balls tightly and separated.

Mrs. Lion isn’t all that excited about doing those things to me. None of them turn her on. She gets some satisfaction from spanking me. It’s a lioness version of arts and crafts. She can creatively turn my bottom red and bruise in ways that make me wince for days. She gets to try different ways of doing this. CBT and anal play don’t offer the challenges that might motivate her to do them more often.

I suppose they could. Anal play offers the challenges of training me to accept larger objects and to be pegged. Like a spanking, this is an acquired taste. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t dream about pegging me with a large dildo. There may be ways she can actually anticipate BDSM play with me. It may not be as much fun as an ice cream sundae, but there could be a sense of a job well done.

That’s how I approached topping. It didn’t always turn me on to torture a cute female. I enjoyed watching her learn to accept and then enjoy the things I did to her. In fact, seeing the changes almost always turned me on and gave me an incentive to help her learn more. The best thing about topping for me was helping my partner discover new ways to have fun. It was particularly good when those things were activities she was sure she would hate. Just sayin’.

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