Hint, Hint

I know it’s a bad idea, but I let Lion off the hook for his “just because” spanking. If I do it tonight, it will just throw off Thursday’s spanking. We’ve just been so tired. Lion has been snoozing a lot. I don’t normally snooze, but getting through a workday has become incredibly difficult. By the time I get home, I’m wide awake and able to deal with the energetic puppy but then the physical tiredness kicks in. If I can get the dog to sleep all the way through the night, we might feel better. I have two theories on our exhaustion. One is that we might have a mild case of COVID, but it doesn’t make sense that the only symptom we have is fatigue. The other is that the puppy makes just enough noise overnight, so it invades our sleep even if it doesn’t fully wake us up. She thinks we’d all do better if she was allowed to sleep in bed with us.

Since we’ve been tired, we haven’t been playing. I didn’t break out the bondage gear as promised. Pulling it out of the packages might have been all the activity I could muster. Still, about 9:30, Lion asked if I wanted to snuggle. When I did, he scooched over and said he was subtle. I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised. He’d taken a few naps. His battery had to be at least a little recharged. Once I ventured far enough, I found a hard weenie. Nice!

I gave him the first part of a handjob. I tried to mimic how he did it when he masturbated for me. That’s the reason I wanted him to do it all those years ago. Where does he grip? How fast does he move? Even though I’d been giving him handjobs all along, I wanted to see what the expert did. After all, he’s the one who knows what feels best.

I got him all riled up and then left him hanging. Nope. I didn’t try to get him to the edge. I got the motor warmed up and left it idling. He was disappointed. Hey. It’s my prerogative. My weenie, my decision. Nothing says I have to try for the edge every time. It’s not like I haven’t done this before. I get it. He wanted more. He usually wants more, but I’m the mean old Lioness who never, ever gives him orgasms. The nerve!

This morning I was wondering if I should have told him no last night. We had an experiment where he would ask for sex, and I was supposed to say no. Every so often, he does it, and I say no. He usually doesn’t phrase it as snuggling, though. I didn’t want to deny him anyway. We haven’t been doing anything, and I wanted to play, even if it was just a bit. I may go a little further tonight. Hint, hint. [Lion — Oh boy!]

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  1. Leo is cunning. He will quickly understand that it was a hint and figure out what to do next.

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