Letting a Secret Slip

Lion’s new cuffs

Shhh. It’s a secret. Rather than tearing things apart (the puppy is doing a good job of that all by herself) looking for restraints, I decided to buy some more. I reasoned that you could never have enough. So I went on Amazon and found some wrist and ankle restraints. Actually, I think they’re for an exercise machine, but they looked like they’d work. I also bought some straps with ratchets to secure said restraints to the bed. The ones we had are red. The new ones are bright green. I guess that’s so you don’t lose your Lion once he’s tied down.

I haven’t told Lion I bought them because we’ve both been so tired. He nods off more than usual. I even nod off, and I don’t usually do that. Darn puppy. It’s like having a baby: three o’clock feedings and diaper changes. I want to be snuggled. I want to play. She needs to figure out the difference between day and night, just like a baby.

New straps.

The reason I bought restraints is that I know myself. I’ll say I’m going to look for the restraints, and I won’t. It’s easier to buy more. When they came the other day, I was prepared to show them to Lion. A whole bunch of snoozing later, I decided it wasn’t meant to be. Tonight I’ll bring them out and tell him he’s being strapped down. If he’s tired, he can just snooze in that position.

Last night I gave Lion a choice between having his “just because” spanking or pushing it off till today with two minutes added to the timer. I don’t know if he pushed it off because he was tired (he kept saying he was tired) or if he thought I wanted to push it off. I would have done it if he had chosen last night. I wasn’t that tired. Tonight is just as well. I get to add two more minutes of whomping time. Of course, I can swat for longer than 12 minutes. I may go for overall redness and some bruising. That should wake him up.