A Visit With Willow And A Well-Spanked Bottom

Willow at 6 1/2 weeks. She is sweet and likes to snuggle.

We are both very excited about our new puppy. She is arriving at the end of next week when she will be eight weeks old. The breeder isn’t a professional kennel. It’s an individual with years of dog breeding experience. This litter is her first of golden retrievers. I think she did a good job of learning about the breed. Both parents have received genetic testing and examinations for the common problems the breed faces. Our wonderful dog Daisy suffered from most of them. We wanted to be sure that we wouldn’t get another puppy with such heartbreaking issues.

Her name is Willow. We got to meet her and her mother on Wednesday. Both are perfect! Mrs. Lion wanted to take home two puppies. I’m very worried about having just one. I’ll be home with her during the day. I’m not as good at getting around as I used to be. It will be a challenge managing a frisky puppy. I’m sure it will work out well. We both have a lifetime of experience living with dogs. Willow is an English Cream colored golden. It’s a new and popular color. Her parents came from Europe.

On the lion side of the agenda, Mrs. Lion is sticking to her guns when it comes to twice-weekly spankings. The weather has cooled off here, and she will be much more comfortable blistering my butt. I won’t be comfortable at all. I have a couple of slightly tender spots. As Mrs. Lion likes to say, “Oh, well.” Humph!

Her technique is improving. Coverage is extending to areas that were previously untouched. I can truly feel the difference. She spent a little more time spreading my crack and spanking inside. She also got my perineum. Ouch! She is definitely “improving.” Poor me!

She gave me oral attention on Wednesday night. I was easily aroused but had a very hard time getting to the edge. Mrs. Lion will try again after my spanking. It’s fun even if I don’t have an orgasm.


    1. Author

      Thanks for the good wishes. She’s cute and we can’t wait to get her home.

  1. What a beautiful pup!

    We have a lab named Willow, but we got her from a rescue event. She had been a breeding dog at a puppy mill and when she got a little too old they abandoned her, right after weaning her last litter. She was in pretty rough shape, but has been doing much better over the years we have had her. Lots of grey in her muzzle and face now, but she is still as sweet as ever.

    I hope you have many years with your Willow!

    1. Author

      Thank you for the kind words. I’m very happy your Willow found a home with you. You are very kind to have taken her in and loved her. I hope she has many more years with you.

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