White Dog, Red Butt

Lion’s butt after Tuesday spanking. Click image to view larger.

Yesterday was a long day of driving. It always amazes me how bad traffic can get in some spots. Our helpful navigation did manage to save us roughly fifteen minutes by taking us off the highway, onto a long off-ramp, and back onto the same highway further upstream. Of course, the drive was worth it to see puppies. The plan is to pick Willow up next Friday, so we’ll have the whole weekend to get her adjusted, and my boss has agreed to let me work from home for a few days as a sort of pawternity leave to help Lion. Good thing my boss is a dog nut too.

Last night Lion said maybe our schedule of just because spankings are too close together. I did delay the last one because of the heat. Maybe I should do it every three days rather than sticking to actual punishment days. My concern is that I’ll forget what day I’m on, and he won’t get his bottom swatted. I need to have things clearly defined, or I don’t stick to it. However, assuming I don’t need to delay, spanking him on Monday and Thursday spaces it out nicely. If he’d remember the coffee pot, he wouldn’t get extra time added.

Speaking of the coffee pot, I was willing to let him slide on setting up the coffee pot last night. We left the house at around 7:30 am and didn’t get home until around 7:30 pm. I was tired. I figured he was tired. His routine of having another cup of coffee was interrupted. That’s usually what makes him forget. But there he was, while I was making a salad for dinner, putting the coffee pot together. He’s a good boy…sometimes.

Depending on how I feel when I get home, I could whomp Lion early tonight. That way, he’d have to sit up on his sore buns to eat. We used to have a board with tread tape on it that I’d make him sit on after a spanking. I wonder where that is. I haven’t made him sit on something rough after a spanking in a long time. That may have to change. Remember those beaded car seat covers? I don’t think that would feel very good on a freshly swatted butt. Hmmm.

I tried to get him to the edge last night. I don’t think I was particularly successful. I know it felt good. I know he was getting close. I don’t know how close. Not close enough, obviously. I would have given him an orgasm if he’d gotten that far. Oh well. There’s always tonight.

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