Me Too, Please

It has been a very long time since we factored kids into what we can do sexually. Now that we have a very young puppy, we need to consider how she might react to our activities. For example, will it upset her when Mrs. Lion spanks me? What about sex? Our mature dog ignored all of our play. She wasn’t concerned. I’m not sure Willow will be as blase.

Mrs. Lion will work it out. I’m sure my bottom isn’t safe for long. We haven’t done anything sexual for days. The dog is definitely responsible for that. When Mrs. Lion gets up early in the morning to pee, the puppy reads this as a signal that she’s up for the day and whines to get out of her crate. We can only sleep as late as Mrs. Lion’s bladder allows. Apparently, my lioness’ potty training is as important as the pup’s.

Having a new baby disrupts sexual activity. I remember that well. We are lucky that our new puppy is doing very well in terms of potty (Yeah, that’s the term the AKC uses for housebreaking–yuck!) training. She makes mistakes but manages to let us know and make it outside more than half the time. That’s amazing for a 7-week-old puppy.

I suspect that Mrs. Lion wants to give me an orgasm. That way, she won’t have to be concerned about sex for a week. That’s the sense I get now. [Mrs. Lion — Even though we both took naps Saturday, we were tired from our long day getting the puppy. In my post, I said we weren’t likely to do anything sexual. I was going to give Lion an orgasm the other night, pre-puppy, not because I wanted to be done with him but because I thought he was due and I wanted to give him one. I also wonder what Willow will do when I whomp Lion.] Her time is divided between the dog and her iPad. The dog isn’t terribly interested in me either. She follows Mrs. Lion everywhere. I’m apparently not that interesting to her. She’s happy to let me pick her up and snuggle with her. I have to go hunting to find her.

I’m hoping that both females here will decide to include me. I know they love me. It’s just that they’re busy right now.