I must have an overactive imagination. If I were a reader of my blog, I would be curious about the people who spend all that time writing about their sex lives. After all, the Lions have written over 2 million words in more than 5,000 posts. That’s daily newspaper-level journalism. Since nobody has asked, I decided to do the ultimately egotistical thing and interview myself.

Lion, how much time do put into this blog?

Good question! (I ask myself the best questions) I spend about an hour a day writing my post and another two or three hours a week doing other chores around the website.

That seems like a lot of time. Don’t you have a life?

That’s rude! No wonder nobody asks me that. We don’t have a very active social life. Mrs. Lion and I keep to ourselves. There are other, more productive ways I could spend the time and energy I put in here. But I don’t. In the beginning, eight years ago, I had fantasies of developing some sort of online community. That dream faded quickly. Now, I write because I like writing. I also use the blog as a way to communicate with Mrs.  Lion.

Wait a minute. She sleeps next to you. Isn’t it easier to just talk with her?

I suppose. The posts here give us a way to propose things thoughtfully and tell each other what we feel about topics that might otherwise be overlooked. We also send emails to one another during the day. They tend to be the “We need more mild, dear” sort of things: bigger ideas, particularly risky, sexy stuff, work best in the blog.

Like what?

I have (stupidly?) encouraged Mrs. Lion to learn to deliver truly serious adult spankings. I give her feedback about how she is doing. I also propose new ideas for her to consider. One of the most valuable benefits of this communication is that it is clear and in writing. If I’m getting too weird or misreporting how we are doing, Mrs. Lion and our readers will sometimes call me out. It’s easy to go back and read what we wrote before. For whatever reason, we use our posts to keep us on track.

Why write every day? You can’t have that much to say.

So far, I am rarely at a loss for topics. Knowing that I committed to writing a daily post forces me to think about what’s happening in our lives. I have to go out into the Interweb and see what others are writing about. Writing daily posts demands that I actively think about what we are doing and what we might want to change or improve. Writing daily posts is an excellent way to avoid slipping into sexual entropy.

The blog has also helped me improve my writing skills. I think my prose has improved over the years. Writing the blog also encouraged me to write fiction.

Speaking of that, how is your book doing?

Did you have to ask that? (Of course, I did. I’m talking to myself.) Sales are horrible. It isn’t so much that Fan Mail is crap. I think it is a good read for its genre. I have no tools to promote it.  I’ve been working on a second book. I’m trying to use what I learned in writing the first one to improve my style. Given the lousy sales of Fan Mail, I am hoping to find a way to get the new book published by a real publisher. To do that, I need to find an agent. I had no luck with the first book. By the way, you can buy the Kindle edition of Fan Mail for only 99 cents. The paperback and hardcover versions are more expensive, but the price is the cheapest I can set. Spend a buck and help my ego! Click here to order or sample.

Let’s talk about sex. You seem to enjoy that.

It’s a lot less depressing than book sales. This blog has recorded every sexual activity we have had since 2014. I love sex, and I enjoy sharing.

Why do you publish pictures of your genitals and ass? You know, they aren’t unique.

They aren’t? Are you trying to depress me? There is a kind of naughty excitement exposing my nether regions to the public. No, I wouldn’t be flashing in subway cars if I didn’t have the blog. Some of the images are legitimate examples of the subject of the post. For example, it doesn’t make sense to show a chastity device that isn’t locked onto a penis. Since my penis doesn’t require a model release, it is a perfect subject for those shots.

In our early years, there were more gratuitous shots that were more for my titillation than for reader education. More recently, I reserve exposure to illustrating posts. For example, images of the results of my spankings provide an idea of how Mrs. Lion is doing in the punishment department. Some of our loyal readers enjoy seeing this.

There are very few sex bloggers who don’t end up flashing their readers. What can I say?

How are things going outside of the stuff  you write about here?

It’s a little more difficult. I was furloughed in April 2020 due to COVID. I haven’t been called back. I don’t think I will be. Fortunately, unemployment insurance has helped. Mrs. Lion is working so that we manage. I’m concerned about what will happen in September when unemployment runs out. It won’t affect the blog right away, but we may disappear if things get very tight. There are costs involved with our website.

Naturally, these worries affect all areas of our lives. I’m optimistic that we will figure out how to keep going.

Are you getting tired of interviewing yourself?

Oh no. I could go on for hours, but I won’t.

Last question. What is the one thing you believe your readers would ask if they gave a shit?

I think it would be, Do you really do all that stuff you write about?

And your answer…

Yup. We really do!

Listen to this post.


  1. Here’s a question I’ve been holding off asking… You want to be a writer, and you’re sitting on this incredible unique resource: seven years of blogs, five years of posts, two million words… Why not try and summarise it in a book? You could write about your experiences, what worked, what didn’t, what surprised you. You could write about being interviewed for Huffington Post. The fact you’ve sustained a readership shows that you’ve got an audience for this material, which has to be a plus for a publisher.

    The book certainly has more of a Unique Selling Point than your fiction – who else has been keeping such detailed records of every orgasm, punishment and misstep? It seems like it would be easy to promote on podcasts and maybe even TV book clubs (I don’t know how those work, but it seems easier to talk about than your fiction book). Once you’ve proven yourself as a writer that way and made contacts and maybe found an agent, then you could push your fiction as well.

    You could break the blog into chapters and have Mrs Lion weigh in at the end of each one, so it would have the same feeling as your blog.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but why not give that a go?

    1. Author

      There may be some interest in this material. For the record, we have nearly 8 years of posts here. We have an audience but it isn’t nearly large enough to support a book. Blogging isn’t all that interesting to most people. Fiction is much easier to use for establishing a franchise. How many people care about our orgasms, spankings, and male chastity? It’s enough to justify blogging, but unlikely to interest the mainstream world. Beside that, it’s all here for free. You might like my fiction.

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