small blue apanking paddle
This is Mrs. Lion’s little blue paddle. It’s lightweight and a perfect size for close work. Click the image for a link to purchase this item (No, we don’t get a commission!).

Wednesday night’s pick from the Box O’Fun was a play spanking. It was interesting and exciting. Mrs. Lion used a small, flexible , rubbery paddle that she prefers for close work. After some nice hand spanking, she used this toy to spank some hard-to-reach spots like the sensitive skin inside my crack. She also focused closely on my “sit spot”. I didn’t yelp once!

She systematically pulled each cheek back and gave me several swats on that tender skin. Then she focused on the “sit spot” where my butt always meets a chair. Each swat was carefully placed to have the maximum effect. It was a bit like when she puts clothespins on my balls. She carefully locates the spots where she knows the pinch hurts the most. 2.0 is a methodical lioness.

The spanking turned me on. I was nearly fully erect by the time Mrs. Lion had me turn over for some teasing. It had only been four days since my last orgasm. Nevertheless, I was ready for another. Mrs. Lion didn’t disappoint me. She gave me a beautiful orgasm. What a sweetie!

That’s one more card out of the Box O’Fun. A lot of unpleasant activities lurk inside waiting for the poor, unsuspecting lion to pick.

No Comment
I often read “I’m Hers” a femdom blog by the husband in a marriage not too different from ours. I enjoy his take on FLR’s. In a recent post he complained about the lack of comments to his posts. He threatened to stop blogging because he felt that he was essentially talking to himself. I understand that feeling. We get very few comments here as well.

For a long time it bothered me that our blog  isn’t very interactive. Some loyal readers click the “Like” button after each post to let us know we are being heard. I like that a lot. But not very many bother to do even that. When I read other blogs with much smaller audiences, I see long rows of “likes” and many comments. You can get an idea of the relative popularity of a blog on The link shows our current rating. If you type in the domain of any site you want, you can see how it stacks up.

We have other tools that actually count how many people visit and what pages are read. So I know we have readers. We just don’t have many contributors. That’s too bad. I love learning how others see things. That’s why I read all those blogs. Each one has a different take on the subject it covers. The ones that are explicit, sexual reads tend to get the most comments. Spanking blogs get lots of comments.

The number of comments is not an indicator of readership. Some of the blogs I read have a small, loyal reader base that actively comments on each post. That’s truly cool! I know that we have loyal readers who slog through what we write every day. I’m grateful to them. They are like invisible friends. I know they are there; I just can’t manage to see many of them.

Over the years I’ve struggled with this lack of regular feedback. We’ve written over 3,100 posts and have published 3,400 comments. Most of our posts garner no comments at all. I choose to believe the lack of comments is not a measure of our quality. It may be that our posts feel like an ongoing story and our readers follow each chapter but don’t want to insert themselves in the narrative. How’s that for putting a spin on things?

Since we have no commercial stake in The Journal, the only logical reason for putting in the time to produce it has to be getting emotional satisfaction out of producing this daily opus. Mrs. Lion and I like to write. Our blog gives us the opportunity to chronicle our adventures in male chastity and our FLRD (Female Led Relationship with Discipline).  Are we writing for ourselves? Of course we are. But we both love the opportunity to open a dialogue with our readers.

A decent percentage of our readers use their phones to peruse The Journal each day. A phone is a lousy tool for writing comments. Could that be the reason our audience is often mute? A more disturbing possibility is that our writing is exclusionary. Perhaps one or both of our writing styles precludes input from our readers. A long time ago, one of our readers commented that my posts don’t invite comments. That hurt.  If it’s true, it has never been my intention to shut you out. The lack of “Likes” and feedback don’t make me want to stop. There are too many reasons why people who actually like what we say wouldn’t respond.

For one thing, the “Like” button isn’t particularly user friendly. You have to be logged into your WordPress account before your “Like” will work. That’s how WordPress set it up. Annoying! Comments require time and a keyboard to contribute. I get it. Still, if you get the chance please drop us a line or log into your WordPress account and give us a “Like”.

Thank you.


  1. I hope that the lack of comments doesn’t cause I’m hers to stop blogging. But I understand the need to have the interaction of comments. I love that too.

    1. Author

      I’m pretty discouraged by the lack of comments we get here. An active dialog is what I had hoped would happen with the blog. The fact that it’s more like a newsletter makes me wonder if I should keep putting in so much time and effort. Imagine: We have over 3,100 posts and a total lifetime count of 3,400 comments, many of which are replies from Mrs. Lion or me.

      1. It’s funny how few people do comment. You used to have some comments by people that I really enjoyed reading. But sadly they seem to have disappeared. Your blog is likely the most popular male chastity blog out there. It has a wealth of information and helpful hints. But perhaps most people who log in are just curious about the lifestyle? Not confident enough to comment?

        1. Author

          I would like to think you are right. I worry that the posts are off-putting. It’s easy to get paranoid when it feels like I am writing in a vacuum. Statistically, about half our visitors go to specific pages from search engines. These pages are about enforced male chastity and FLRD. The other half read our ongoing drama in the daily posts. I am incredibly grateful you take the time to comment. Your feedback is both interesting and very helpful.

    1. Author

      No need. It tracks all websites. Just put in your domain.

  2. If you want more interaction, ask questions about your topics. For example, if you write about maintenance spankings, ask if people do them, how often, how severe, why/why not, how do they feel about them, etc.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the advice. I believe we do this now.

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