I admit that before I started writing this blog, I never read other bloggers. The reason was that I didn’t understand what I was reading. The websites I usually read were about specific topics. Articles began and ended. If I wanted to learn about sous vide cooking, I found material that explained what I wanted to know. On the other hand, Blogs seemed to expect that I had been reading posts for a while. The writers seemed to have less direction.

My decision to write The Male Chastity Journal was to let me provide information (see top menu) and journal my sexual adventures. I figured the informational pages would attract readers. I had no idea whether or not people would read the blog posts. Now, in our ninth year, I know. People read both. I suspect that the people who read the articles are different from folks reading our posts. I find myself avidly reading blogs that appeal to me.

What I needed to know before I began blogging is that bloggers have endless reasons they take the time to post. Creating and maintaining a good blog requires a lot of work. It’s not just about creating an online diary. Web design and site maintenance are tasks a blogger faces. It’s true that there are ISPs who do most of that work, but a really good blog is very individual and requires technical ability to make it work.

One assumption I made when Mrs. Lion and I started was that we would go back to review our past. I thought the blog would be a useful reference for us. I was wrong. Neither of us reads earlier posts. We always read current posts, but we don’t go back in time. I thought the ability to see our progress would be very useful. It isn’t. I should have realized that we are recording our lives. Our memories provide all the rewinding we need.

I also assumed that our readers were looking for insights that would help them explore their own kinks. I went out of my way to try to provide instructions. It seems that was a useful choice. What surprises me is that our regular readers enjoy hearing about our day-to-day adventures, even if they are completely off-topic.

Go figure.

Whether or not Mrs. Lion and I read back, we have provided a record of our lives since January 2014. Every single orgasm either of us has experienced is documented. Life events, good and bad, are also in our posts. We’ve strayed wildly. I suppose we would have more readers if we stuck to male submission and orgasm control. We consistently practice both. However, those practices don’t consume us. They are part of our marriage.

Our kinks don’t consume us. We don’t spend our days and nights in heat. Yes, I get spanked. The paddles come out quite often. When they do, I suffer a ten or fifteen-minute spanking. Then it’s over. It’s the same with sex. Mrs. Lion may spend a half-hour edging me. She may shove things up my ass and do other BDSM things to me. When she is done, it leaves 23 1/2 hours to fill with other stuff.

We spend that time doing what vanilla people do. We work and play in non-sexual ways. Surprised? Of course not! Our posts tend to center on the kinky, sexy stuff. That’s our charter. I think that once in a while, we need to remind our readers that we aren’t all about sex and paddles. I’m trying to write a novel. Mrs. Lion goes to work every morning. We have a young puppy who draws blood a lot more often than Mrs. Lion. We laugh and snuggle. We watch TV. And we keep you in the loop. That’s what makes this a blog and not another kind of website.

Listen to this post.


  1. You’re on point here. But by reading we enter your lives. Over time, we become friends (if only in our own minds).

    1. Author

      We also become friends when the communication is two-way. That’s why the comments are important to us.

      1. Indeed! It’s why I consider you a friend—the back and forth and sharing of ideas.

  2. Having read your blog posts for several years now I feel that I have gotten to know you both and enjoy hearing about how your day is going. Of course, I do look for how your sex life is going (or not going) on a regular basis. Thanks for the reminder that it is only a small part of your day, although a very important one.
    I started my blog as a journal to record our sex life, thinking that someday we would not be having such a life and it would be something to look back on. I did not think it would be a record of the changes, transitions and progress in our relationship which it is becoming as we also keep evolving.
    I can only imagine the amount of time and effort you put into your blog and as always I thank you very much for doing so and sharing with your grateful readers.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your kind comment. Our blog is integrated into our lives. It seems to have less to do with sex lately. I’m glad you enjoy the unsexual parts too.

  3. You are wrong to complain that readers are interested in other aspects of life that are not directly related to BDSM. Reading your blog, people willingly or unwillingly become, if not friends, then at least good acquaintances. We are sad about your failures. We grieve for your losses, such as the loss of Daisy. We are glad when pleasant events happen, which include the appearance of a new pet in your house. We are worried about how the writer will work if his ass is damaged. After all, the ass is the main tool of the writer, after the head, of course (this is a joke, if someone does not understand).
    We are worried if Mrs. Lion’s back will hurt after mowing the lawn. And how after that you can suck someone’s dick when you yourself can’t just bend over.
    What about sex and perversion? This, of course, is a very exciting topic for all of us, but fortunately, people’s lives do not consist only of this. And neither of us wants, nor can we, have sex 24/7. This is where the interest in everything else comes from.
    Here is your answer, Mr. Writer-Philosopher. Expand your range of writing topics and people will be drawn to you. You have already groped this thread yourself, but with a tenacity worthy of a better application, you do not want to cling to it.
    I have already hinted at this to you, but apparently I am not enough authority that you would pay attention to such trifles.
    With respect and sympathy,
    sincerely yours,
    Lisa Stone.

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