On Our Way, Sort Of

Late yesterday afternoon, Lion asked if I wanted to play with his weenie. I said I would, but I had to think about dinner. It was not exactly a “no.” I mean, it was a no, but not in the exact word. I’m not sure if it follows the rules of what we’re trying to do. I didn’t intentionally not say no. Maybe in the back of my mind, I was trying to soften the blow. I really did have to think about dinner. I don’t think I would have wanted to play with him right that second anyway.

We didn’t talk about it later. Lion was snoozing a lot. We’re both having trouble sleeping again. The dog has been waking me up early. This morning I was able to go back to sleep until a little after 9. Lion was up and writing a post. I’ve promised him another test run on the spanking bench today. This time I’ll find a larger paddle to start with. And I’ll try to remember to set a timer. It won’t be a fair test without the timer.

The other test we need to perform today is to see if we can get the dog in the camper and the truck. If she can’t or won’t go in, we can’t leave for our camping trip on Friday. I fear that even if she makes it in the camper or truck, she may not be able to do it at some point when we’re gone. Then what? We have a ramp, but she growled at me when I tried to get her to use it a few weeks ago.

I think, by the time we’ve dealt with the dog, we’ll be ready for the “normalcy” of testing the spanking bench. Normalcy? In what universe is testing a spanking bench normal? Ours. At least it is since we got it. Before that, normalcy was spanking on a yoga pillow on the bed. I guess in that sense, we really are the center of the universe.