Missing Lion

I am currently in midair, on my way to my son’s wedding. Lion should be to my left, but he is home with the dog. She tried to bite people at the kennel so that she couldn’t stay there. We didn’t have a backup plan for her. Why would we need one? She’s a golden retriever. They don’t normally become aggressive. I guess she’s in more pain than we thought.

On the one hand, I am much more mobile without Lion with me. He moves more slowly than I do. On the other hand, I’d much rather be slowed up than be alone. I’d much rather not leave Lion alone. The problem is that I am occupied. Sure, I’m stuck on a plane for 4+ hours, but once I land, I’ll be driving and meeting up with family. Lion will do what he always does, except he won’t be waiting for me to come home. I won’t be home until Sunday night. We will have to be satisfied with texts, emails, and phone calls.

I attempted to get Lion excited last night. He got somewhat hard, and I thought we were on the way. After a while, he said he didn’t think he’d get any further. I was surprised that he got as hard as he did. He was tired, and he was upset at not being able to travel with me. I’m sure he was also thinking about being alone. As long as he enjoyed my sucking him, I count that as a win.

‘I have Monday off for the holiday. I was supposed to pick the dog up on Tuesday, so I have that day off too. Now I have to take the dog to the vet, and I have a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. I’m planning to do some manscaping on Monday. Lion has gotten furry. Naturally, the lawn also needs to be mowed again. I can’t seem to escape mowing one thing or another. This time, Lion wins. He’ll be mowed first.