I am torn between putting my foot down and going with the flow. My son is getting married on Memorial Day weekend. The happy couple reasoned that people would have the holiday weekend off and make it to the wedding. Of course, flights may be more expensive and hotel rooms a little harder to find, but I’m going. I don’t care if I have to drive and sleep in the car. On the other hand, Lion questions why they picked a holiday weekend and why they are getting married hours from where they live. Those are not my decisions, nor my place to intervene.

I got the “brilliant” idea to look for a cabin that would have a kitchen so we could cut down on eating-out expenses. I thought it would be nice if everyone could fit in the cabin and split the cost. Lion doesn’t want to share a cabin. He says eating out is better. He says we should come home the day after the wedding. Never mind that I haven’t seen my kids for a few years. Who’d want to hang out? Then he said he wants to see his daughter and grandkids. I don’t know if that’s an extension to the wedding trip or something he’d rather do or what. I was trying to deal with his taking over the trip. He was changing the whole thing.

I made the mistake of contacting my ex yesterday to tell him my cabin plans, and he was already causing problems before Lion put in his two cents. By the time I got home, I had figured if we did get a cabin, it would just be for my daughter, her friend, and us. Now I’m wondering if I care at all about the when and where. Except I do care. I want to see my son get married, and I don’t want any trouble, which leads me to put my foot down or not. And I think I’m leaning toward doing it.

This would be a perfect time for me to tell Lion he’s steamrolling me, and here’s how it’s going to go, mister. We’re flying out this day, staying at this hotel, and flying in this day. Done. If your ass is in the seat when the car leaves, then you can come with me. Otherwise, oh well. Any more guff, and you’ll get the business end of the paddle.

Sounds good, right. And I probably won’t do any of that. I talk a good game if you haven’t already figured that out, but I don’t often follow through. We’ll probably talk about when to leave and where to stay. He’ll have his ideas, and I’ll have mine, and I might voice my opinions a little more forcefully, but I won’t tell him it’s my way or the highway.

Ultimately, I’m just glad we’re vaccinated and able even to contemplate flying anywhere. I mean, I was going anyway. How often does your son get married? But I’m thankful it’s safer to do so.

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  1. Well, thank God, life goes on. People get married. Wish them happiness and try not to create additional problems. Congratulations on your family event.

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