Pornless In Seattle

Why do men like to see naked women, but most women shrug when asked if they like seeing naked men? I like seeing bare females. It’s not that I expect to be surprised by some new anatomical feature yet unrevealed to me. Just as women say all penises are essentially alike, so are nipples and vulvas. Sure, there are some differences. Some women have hidden inner labia (innies). Nipples and areolas vary in size and position. So what? Guys have circumcised and uncircumcised penises. Some are longer and thicker than others. Yawn.

I have to admit that when presented with picture after picture of full-frontal, sexy females, I get bored. An image like the one here is far sexier to me than seeing that woman bare-breasted. Maybe it’s the mystery of what she looks like out of that t-shirt. More likely, it is the inherent sexiness of imagining removing it for her. Ah-ha! Participation!

That may be my problem with porn and naked pictures. My attention span goes only so far when viewing other people doing what I like. A nice OTK video can get me aroused for a short while. Eventually, I lose interest. Perhaps I don’t have sufficient imagination. I’ve always been this way.

A while ago, I experimented. I found a porn video that turned me on. I got hard watching it. It’s a video of a woman teasing and masturbating a man in the shower (you can see it here). One reason it turned me on is that I’ve had several opportunities to enjoy the almost identical activity. It was easy to imagine myself in that scene. I also like that it is realistic and doesn’t emphasize a giant stream of semen at the end.

Anyway, this video ranks at the top of my porn hit parade. So, I came back a week later and viewed it again. It still turned me on. I returned after another week. This time I enjoyed it because it reminded me of my past, but it didn’t get a rise out of me. A week after that, I wondered why I saved the link. Then, this morning while writing this post, I watched the first minute or so. I liked it all over again. It didn’t get me hard, but both the man and the woman reminded me of myself and the women I did this with all those years ago.

I’ve always had a very limited interest in porn. I’ve never masturbated to it. I guess I’m odd. My masturbation, when I could do it, was always assisted by images in my head. My fantasies are almost always BDSM types of things, with me being humiliated and teased. Big surprise, huh? They are never regular sex. And yes, imagining shower sex is one of them. For the record, my shower sessions rarely ended with me ejaculating. Once clean, we finished up with fucking or oral sex. You could drown doing oral sex in a shower.

I don’t know what makes me different from all those guys who beat off watching online porn. It certainly isn’t some puritanical moral standard. As you know, I’m up for almost anything. It just doesn’t work for me. No matter how long Mrs. Lion has kept me waiting, I still don’t get much stimulation from my monitor. The same is true of sex toys. We’ve tried almost all of the masturbators on the market. They don’t seem to work for me. The single exception is our Magic Wand. Mrs. Lion can use it to get me off. Oh well.


  1. The site YOLOSelfie used to be a seemingly endless and constantly updated gallery of naked women photographing themselves in the mirror. There would be about fifty girls a page, and you could click any of them to enlarge them. It wasn’t long before I’d stop caring about the bodies of a certain woman, but would be more interested in what else you could see in the photo: how much stuff they had in their bathroom, what they kept next to their bed, if their bedroom looked like a bomb site or if they were in a fancy hotel… I always imagined the girls would upload their own photos but there was literally no text or other information to tell.

    I’ve since found similar threads on Reddit, which is great because the women seem legit and you can see what else they’ve posted. I messaged one last because she had a photo of her clothed and then in lingerie. What I liked was that her phone was in a case in the first picture but not in the second; she had undressed the phone as well! I told her I liked that and thought she looked fantastic and she messaged me back thanks!

    Finally, I remember seeing a video of Clare Fonda spanking some poor girl and noticed Clare had the same Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas poster as I did, rolled up and leaning against the wall. She also has the same knife block that looks like the knives have gone through a little man, only in a different colour to me! It’s fun to get a glimpse of the real personality of the people in porn. I guess that’s why I enjoy candid blogs such as yours so much!

  2. Interesting post, Lion. Of course, everyone likes individuality, and we are always looking for it in everything. And yet, everyone needs a riddle. In order to solve it.

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