Virtual OTK Spanking

I occasionally browse through the porn sites to look for ideas that might inspire a post or learn what we might do to improve our activities. I looked at some spanking videos with no purpose in mind. I am not allowed to masturbate, so I don’t look for turn-ons. Mostly, I’m just curious. When she wants to spank me, Mrs. Lion has found it challenging to get me into a position that provides her with good access to my bottom. She also wants to keep me from moving.

We’ve tried having me draped over the edge of the bed. That didn’t give her very good access. Currently, I lie along the footboard with my butt raised by a yoga pillow that Mrs. Lion bought. She is still quite limited. Then, I saw this video. There was nothing particularly interesting about the spanking, but how the guy was positioned was brilliant. He was put across a cushioned stool, the sort you would buy for sitting at a home counter. There was a leather belt attached that buckled around his waist. His bottom draped nicely over one end (see image, right). It was a virtual OTK position.

Access was very easy. He had nowhere to go. This position makes it very difficult to hold legs out straight. They naturally fall. This stretches the skin on the bottom. I can tell you from my experience that any position that forces the skin to tighten, magnifies the pain. That’s why I can’t be positioned on my knees. The pain is so great that I flatten myself out on the bed. The idea behind the yoga pillow is to elevate me and stretch my butt.

Mrs. Lion’s new spanking bench

It’s easy and inexpensive to duplicate this setup. A similar bench is $85 Amazon. It’s 25-inches high. This is the same height as the bed. Amazon offers free returns on it. We ordered it. Delivery is scheduled for tomorrow.

Aside from the problems we have aligning correctly for OTK, Mrs. Lion likes some distance between us so she can use longer-handle paddles. She appreciates the extra force she can deliver with them.  It seems a little odd that after all the years she has been spanking me, we haven’t come up with a spanking position that works well enough. I have high hopes this latest try will work well for both of us.

Our current spanking position with me on the bed draped over a yoga pillow. Mrs. Lion stands to my right. I’m next to the foot of the bed.

When I am on the stool, my position is very different from it was when I was positioned over the edge of the bed. The bed is soft, and my body pushed it down. My hips angled downward and prevented a proper rear-end presentation. The stool is hard with a thin pad. My hips will be held up while my thighs drop at nearly a right angle. It will take a lot of work to hold my legs out to reduce the stretch. I can’t increase the padding that makes the spanking hurt less. If I’m strapped to the stool, I can’t wriggle much either. I can kick my feet, but that doesn’t do a thing to get in Mrs. Lion’s way.

Poor Lion. I know, I did it to myself.

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  1. lol. I’m so used to you causing yourself grief! Indeed it really is expected now.

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