Not the Damn Fence Again

Lion seemed to be asking for a “just because” spanking yesterday in an email. He hasn’t been spanked in a while. Ironically, he keeps doing things to earn one so a “just because” spanking would actually be a punishment spanking. What has he been doing? Let’s review.

Lion thinks Willow’s trainer hasn’t been giving us the attention we so richly deserve. He says she spends too much time with the other dog in the class. I’ve assumed that they needed more attention. Maybe that dog, more likely the owners, isn’t getting it. Willow has been doing very well, and I haven’t missed the attention. I also know that the other dog was moving, so the attention will be all on Willow. Lion swears I never told him they were leaving. I did. Not only that, but the trainer has mentioned it several times in class. At any rate, Lion said he was going to complain about the trainer. I was on the fence about this but assumed he would wait until the class was done. Nope. I figure the last few classes will be uncomfortable at best. And I’m a little annoyed since I was the one who paid for the classes, so shouldn’t I be the one who decides if we complain? That’s my view, at least.

[Lion — Let’s clear up the record. I ordered and paid for the class. I asked Mrs. Lion if it was OK to complain, and she agreed. There’s no point in complaining if we are done with the training since, at that point, it would just be a bad review. We have only two classes left. I don’t care if the other dog is moving. There are two dogs in the class. Each deserves equal time. Either that or give us back half of the cost.]

Yesterday, I presented Lion with an idea for bridging the gap between the deck and the new kennel. We need to have some sort of fence, and we want a gate on one side. I suggested a chain-link gate designed for driveways, figuring we could use one side as stationary and the other side as a gate. We should be able to attach one side to the chain-link of the kennel, and it shouldn’t look out of place like the other idea I had. Lion told me it would be too expensive. Those driveway gates cost $400-500. After all the fence conversations we’ve had, does he think I’m stupid? Doesn’t he realize I’ve done some research and tried to come up with a simple, cost-effective idea? Has he? I don’t think so. Rather than trash my idea, he should have asked me to show him what I found to see if it had any merit.

I was willing to overlook the training complaint. Maybe I’m out of line thinking he’s going too far. Just because I’m satisfied with the training doesn’t mean he is. However, the fence thing pissed me off. I didn’t tell him because I just figured I’d show him the gates I found that cost a little over $200. I still need to measure to see how big the gap will be. I’m not one to yell back at him unless I’ve got all my ducks in a row. If I knew the measurements and knew my idea would work, I would have blasted him right back. That doesn’t mean I’m not annoyed at him for dismissing another fence idea without all the facts.

What does this mean for Lion’s butt? Not that there’s any difference between a “just because” spanking and a punishment spanking, but he’ll be getting a punishment spanking. I need him to know that he can’t just dismiss my ideas. Some of them won’t be valid. Some of them will. Both kinds deserve to be heard and considered.

[Lion — I wasn’t clear in my objection to the additional fence/gate. I just spent $400 on the chain-link kennel. I just don’t feel good about another $200 or even $100 more. Maybe I’m wrong. Certainly, Mrs. Lion is going to punish me. I guess I deserve it. Perhaps we do need to spend the extra money. It’s a lot to me.]


  1. That seems really awful and unfair. He should have the right to express his opinion without a fear of being hurt. He is supposed to anticipate what research you have done? This is punishing some one for not being a mind reader. This is what happens when someone gets the unilateral power to inflict physical suffering and answers only to her own conscience. Luckily, he’ll rationalize if and defend you, so you don’t have to give it a second thought.

    1. Author

      My point is that he assumes he knows best and seems to think I haven’t put any thought into things. He just dismisses my ideas. It’s a recurring theme. That’s what he would be punished for. For the record, both times I have threatened punishment, I’ve later reconsidered. That’s also a recurring theme. My bark is much worse than my bite.

      1. I’ve seen pictures of what your bite looks like. It’s pretty scary.

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