When I went to drop off the dog at the kennel this morning, she bared her teeth and snapped at the kennel workers. She wouldn’t even let them put a water bowl in her pen. The vet said she had some pain in her right hip. She bared her teeth at him during her latest exam. He prescribed medication and I thought she was doing okay. Since the kennel didn’t want to put their workers at risk of being bitten (I agreed wholeheartedly), I schlepped her back home.

This caused a big problem. What can we do with the dopey dog who tries to bite people. My only thought was having our neighbors feed her and let her out a few times a day. Lion didn’t want to leave her alone for two days. I understand that. I was just trying to save the trip. Instead, Lion cancelled his flight so he could stay with the dog. Now I have to worry about Lion and the dog being home while I’m at a wedding.

We’ll go out later to pick up a prescription and some easy food for Lion to prepare. He’s not incapable in the kitchen. He just can’t see very well, so simple is better. Now I have to figure out the dog. Her bowls are on the floor. Can Lion pick them up to clean them? Can he carry the water bowl when it’s full? I bet he didn’t think of that. Can he manage giving her pills to her? She’s been giving me difficulty taking her pills. I’ve had to mush them into peanut butter or cream cheese. It works but it leaves me with sticky fingers. I’m sure he’ll manage. I’m just worried about them both and I know he is too. [Lion — I can manage her bowls. I have done it before. I put the empty water bowl on the floor and fill it with a pitcher. Humph!]

Lion really wanted to go to the wedding with me. He hasn’t been part of many of my family events and this was going to be fun. Now I’m a solo Lioness on the loose. Look out Georgia!

[Lion — Mrs. Lion had her small-but-vicious paddle packed too. This would have been my first trip in over two years. This is very disappointing. I’m not too worried about Mrs. Lion getting into any trouble. She talks a good game but isn’t all that inclined to get into mischief by herself. She needs me for that. It’s going to be a very long, lonely weekend for me.]

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