Saturday night, I made up my pill packets. Sunday night, I made up Lion’s. Last night, I put the dog’s medicine in little packets to make it easier for the kennel to give them to her. Tonight is laundry. This should not deter me from giving Lion some attention. He may not be ready yet, so I’ll do a drive-by and see how my weenie reacts.

He hasn’t been reacting to my playing with my weenie while we’re snuggling. I’ve been going around to his side of the bed. Maybe I’ll use the Magic Wand. If I’m not planning on sucking on him, I can vibrate him. He tends to get overstimulated, and then sucking doesn’t really work. The Magic Wand has the ability to “revive” him when jerking him off or sucking can’t quite do it.

It’s only been a few days since his orgasm, and we have a trip coming up, so our minds are elsewhere. I don’t think there’s any problem if he’s not interested. Depending on how tired we are, he might get some hotel sex. I’ve heard that hotel sex is the best kind of sex. I can’t imagine why. Is it because you can be really loud and you’ll never have to see these people again? Is it because people hook up with random people in hotels? I don’t know. It has never seemed any different to me. At the very least, we’ll be back home Sunday so we can resume home sex then.

I took Thursday through Tuesday off because I thought we’d stay longer for my son’s wedding. The wedding isn’t really near where they live, so he won’t be in the area any longer than we will. It works out fine though, because it gives us Thursday to drop the dog off and pack, and then we’ll be home for a few days so we can pick up the dog and relax a bit. I’ll also have time to do some manscaping. He’s a furry boy. And the lawn needs to be mowed again too.

Maybe I won’t have time to relax a bit.

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