One, Two, Three, You’re Getting Spanked

Thank you for all the comments on my post yesterday. They ranged from a gentle tap on Lion’s arm to ZAP HIM! Maybe I’ll give him a gentle tap for the less serious infractions and punch him in the head for a major one. (I’m kidding.) I was concerned about his jumping in the air when I zapped him too. Of course, the level of shock is controllable to a certain extent. It can vary based on the contact with the electrodes. Sometimes a low level can send him into orbit if the electrodes are placed just right. [Lion — It depends on whether the electrodes are in firm contact with the underside of my balls. When I’m dressed, they usually are.]

In his post this morning, Lion wondered if the zap would be the extent of his punishment. Nope. The zap is just to let him know he’s in deep doo-doo. A vibration may let him know he’s getting close to the line. The zap means he’s gone over the line. Isn’t that how an invisible fence works for dogs? They get a little vibration to let them know they’re getting close to the fence and then zapped when they’re near it. Years ago, a neighbor put in an invisible fence for their dog. It was funny to watch him walk up to the fence and get zapped. He seemed to like it. And then he figured out that he only got zapped for a short time if he got a running start and went through the fence. So much for the invisible fence.

The biggest problem with the shock collar is finding it. It might be on Lion’s dresser. I think the issue is that we have no idea where the charger is. Until we solve that, I’ll have to rely on some verbal cue. I was even thinking of counting to three as you do with kids. “One” might be the signal he’s heading into dangerous territory. “Two” might let him know he hasn’t fully appreciated “one.” And “three” would be too late. We could put that into effect right away. It’s not limited to when we’re out in public. As a matter of fact, it might be good to practice it, so he’s used to it when we’re out. [Lion — That’s an excellent idea.]

I’m uncertain, at this point, if I should continue at “one” if he corrects himself but does something unrelated later on. Would it be fair to give him a “one” for being snarky to a waiter, have him correct it, and then give him a “one” later for interrupting me? I know Lion will say fairness has nothing to do with it. It’s hard for me to agree with him. But I’m trying.

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  1. I never said gentle, or tap for that matter! But yeah, a gentle squeeze could be a warning, but dig your nails in when you really mean business! The same principle could be applied to a quick kick to the leg. I do like the collar but fear that the controls won’t always be to hand.

    Whatever you decide, it’s fun to hear you weigh up your options!

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