A Shocking Development

shock collar under lion's balls
This is one of the shock collars we use. You can see that the electrodes don’t necessarily make good contact to the loose skin of my scrotum.
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We have consistent problems with our shock collars. It’s not that they don’t work,  they do. But the intensity of the shocks vary unexpectedly. If you aren’t familiar with this nasty item, it’s a dog training device that when used on a dog is on a collar. There are two electrodes on the it. These electrodes transmit a harmless shock to remind the dog to pay attention or obey. The device has a remote control that sends the shock and adjusts the intensity.

When used on me, the collar is shortened so that it fits around my cock and balls. As you can see in the image (above, right), the skin down there is loose. That means contact with the collar isn’t always consistent. If the contacts are tight against my skin, a low setting will make me jump. If the skin moves and the contact isn’t as good, a much higher setting will hardly be felt.

shock collar around lion's cock and balls.
The shock collar goes around both cock and balls. That makes it difficult for consistent contact.
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We’ve tried several different devices. We changed to longer contacts. That helped but also dug into my scrotum when tight enough to reliably shock me. Part of the problem is that the strap goes around both penis and scrotum. Penile tissue is squishy when soft. The scrotum is the same. Taken together, it’s very difficult to make reliable contact.

The answer isn’t just putting the collar around the scrotum. The scrotum can be compressed to a very small diameter when surrounded without the penis. The shock device is wide and contact won’t be made on a compressed scrotum. By including the penis,the device makes contact with the balls.

Mrs. Lion plans to make it possible for the collar to be tightened more. Perhaps that will allow more reliable contact with the shock device. Another possibility is to use conductive adhesive to “glue” the contacts to my skin. We’re getting a new device that includes conductive rubber electrodes. Maybe gluing them in place with the conductive adhesive might work.

A simpler alternative is for Mrs. Lion to use a much higher setting. I’m not crazy about that idea. But, the device isn’t intended to be comfortable for me. The reason we both spend time trying to perfect the use of this toy is that it is very effective. The shocks are very painful, yet when Mrs. Lion releases the button, the pain is gone. There is no residual pain. It can be used in public. I can’t avoid it. It’s firmly strapped around my cock and balls. It’s invisible under clothing. See? It’s worth the effort.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress. If you’ve solved this problem, please comment to this post. We’d love your feedback.


  1. I am interested to hear how about your progress with this. We recently bought a vibrating butt plug which has a blue tooth remote control fob. My wife finds it quite fun to see me react when she switches it on.

    Like a certain Lion, I can’t stop myself from suggesting things that will cause me torment and I mentioned a dog training shock collar to my wife. She thinks that would be too cruel, but I know she does enjoy teasing me and seeing me jump when she startles me. I think she could have fun playing with something like that when we are out shopping or dining. I like the idea of making our play secretly public.

    1. Author

      The collar we have will also vibrate if Mrs. Lion wishes. She used it on Sunday when thee was a flag she thought wasn’t deserved. I love secret public play. The shock collar is great for that. You can tell your wife that the shock collar doesn’t have to be cruel. At low settings it is just startling.

    2. My wife loves to zapp me in public. I might be dealing with a cashier and as I begin to speak she secretly zapps me. In such a situation I make a noise that isn’t really normal. Then I usually say something about having a bad back or knee. But sometimes the looks say that the person doesn’t quite believe my excuse.

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