Zap, Scold, And Spank

Lion’s shock collar. It always makes him jump.

Apparently, Mrs. Lion has been giving thought to how she can communicate with me when I’ve done something to displease her. She’s expressed concern that verbal cues might cause undue attention in public. I thought she had some good ideas on that score. Another idea was to have me wear my shock collar when we are out and about. She could then zap me when she wished to let me know I was getting in trouble.

These are excellent ideas. I’m not too fond of either of them, but I have to admit they would certainly get my attention. What’s not clear is whether the zap or reprimand constitutes my entire punishment. Is Mrs. Lion saying that the instant feedback warns me that the paddle will be coming when convenient for her? Knowing her, it probably won’t. However, regretted as I will, I think a spanking should be part of every reprimand.

A more interesting question is what will provoke these zaps and reprimands? Obviously, forgetting to set up the coffee pot will require that. What will? Is this the solution to the problem of how to begin expressing displeasure at things I say? I’m all in favor of any technique that will help her more actively correct me. It’s uncomfortable for me when I think I’m doing something she doesn’t like, and she doesn’t say anything or do anything.

I may respond immediately to a reprimand or zap, but I can tell you that I’m doubtful to learn any significant lesson that way. I wish it weren’t that way, but I tend to forget the zap or verbal rebuke almost as soon as I get them. I’m far more likely to learn when my instructor is a paddle being applied to my bottom. Mrs. Lion knows this. In a way, this is good news. We both agree that, at least for the time being, I need more spankings, and Mrs. Lion needs more practice delivering them.

Even though we agree on this, implementing any new practice is difficult for us. Maybe we have to go back to the sort of technique we used we first began domestic discipline. Mrs. Lion made sure I had several easy-to-break rules that would get me in trouble more than once a week. I know she’s been thinking about this subject but hasn’t been able to articulate anything yet. I think she might want to consider ordinary conversational niceties. Perhaps requiring me to ask permission before speaking (Yuck!) Or some other practice that would help us get better at our disciplinary roles.

Mrs. Lion has been having problems with her stomach and shoulders. This pain necessarily distracts her from more entertaining activities. I hope she will soon be able to get back on the horse and resume her disciplinary role.

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