Disciplinary Training Wheels

One of the main reasons that I asked for domestic discipline was to give Mrs. Lion a stronger voice. As I’ve written in the past, she has trouble calling me out for doing things that upset her. I figured that she could spank me when I upset her. I talked about this in my post, “She Spanks Me Just Because She Wants To.” She still has a very hard time disciplining me for things that upset her.

Last week I began wearing my training collar every day. Mrs. Lion liked the idea because she could send me vibrations when she was thinking of me. I wear this collar around my cock and balls. The vibration/shock receiver nestles under the boys, pressed into my perineum. When she sends a shock, it makes me jump.

On Friday, out of the blue, Mrs.Lion said, “I can shock you if you annoy me.” I agreed that she could. I also said that I hoped it would also lead to a spanking. Silly me. Baby steps. The more I thought about her idea, the more sense it made. She has a hard time deciding if my behavior is to blame or if it is a situation that I only contributed to.

A shock from the training collar is very unpleasant. It only lasts a short time, and there is no residual pain when it stops. It is perfect for getting my attention and letting me know something is wrong. Mrs. Lion can adjust the intensity. Even a zap that makes me jump is harmless. It won’t injure me, no matter how much she uses it.

Mrs. Lion knows that I don’t like being zapped. She also knows that it’s short-lived and harmless. To zap me, all she has to do is tap her phone. There is an app that connects with my collar. If she gets annoyed and is sitting at her desk, she can zap me without moving off her chair. I get punished immediately. That’s a great training aid. If I get zapped every time I annoy her, I will eventually learn to avoid that behavior. My standard punishment remains spanking. Since Mrs. Lion has a hard time using spanking to punish me for annoying her, the training collar is an ideal way to train both of us.

The training collar will train us both. It will train Mrs. Lion to respond with a punishing shock every time I annoy her. Just as catching me spilling food on my shirt or starting to eat before her trained her to spank me when I broke a rule, the training collar will teach her to spot and punish subjective offenses. I’ll bet it won’t take long for her to add spanking to the zap when I annoy her.