Why She Doesn’t Want To Read About Spanking

Some of our consistently popular pages are the articles in the  “Disciplinary Wives Handbook.” I strongly suspect that men are most of the readers. I wrote it hoping that women who have been asked to spank their husbands would use it to understand what they are being asked to do. Mrs. Lion is probably like most of the women who get this request. She wasn’t very interested in researching it. She worked it out for herself. For a long time, I wondered why easily available information would be ignored by the women asked to try a new activity. Finally, I realized what the reason might be.

Think of it this way: Your wife tells you that she wants daily oral attention from you. She goes on to say that she has specific techniques in mind that she read about. She says that she would get you off once or twice a month using her hand. Would you want to research oral sex techniques? If you are dedicated and altruistic, you might. The chances are that you would sigh and do what she asked. The point is that her request had no direct impact on you. You didn’t see any value in doing research.

There are two reasons for this. The first is that she said she wants specific techniques. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious reason to do research. The second is that you don’t see any direct relationship between you and what you like. Asking your wife to spank you is no different. You are asking her to do something for you that has no obvious value to her. You may feel that she will gain control and your obedience. You assume that she wants those things. Maybe she does, but Mrs. Lion didn’t. She was willing to spank me because she loves me. From her perspective, it was much more fun to read Facebook and visit sites that interested her. Disciplining me didn’t seem to need her to spend time doing research.

Like most guys, I asked her to read selected websites that I felt offered value for her as my disciplinary wife. She usually followed through and read what I suggested. She didn’t share my enthusiasm. All this makes sense. If this is most often the situation, is there value in writing informational guides aimed at women who probably won’t read them?

I can take a cynical approach and pretend to direct my writing to women, all the time knowing my audience is male. A lot of what  I find on the Internet does this. So-called guides for disciplinary women are really hot fiction for men to read. Give the public what it wants. I’m pretty sure that guides written for women aren’t as interesting to male readers. That doesn’t mean that men won’t read them. Our guide is proof of that. It’s just that I could rewrite it with more detailed descriptions of spankings. I could “enrich” the content for male consumption.

We started this blog with a firm commitment to only report the truth. We write from our experiences and knowledge. Over the years, we sometimes contradict ourselves as we learn more. This blog has recorded every orgasm I’ve enjoyed since 2014. Each spanking is memorialized here. You can read about every mistake we’ve made and share our successes. I think this is why we have a lot of female readers.

I generally write my posts the day before they’re published. I am writing this post on Monday morning. I forgot to set up the coffee pot for breakfast. Mrs. Lion will most likely spank me tonight. She gave me a rather brief “just because” spanking last week. This one is going to be full-on punishment. I’m not looking forward to it, though thinking about being spanked is arousing me. It’s this odd reaction that assures I will willingly submit when Mrs. Lion is ready. From what I’ve learned, almost all men who ask for domestic discipline have the same reaction to thinking about being spanked. It’s useful. The spanking isn’t less painful or educational just because we get aroused thinking about it. Once the spanking begins, the arousal is completely gone. The arousal is the lure that gets the fish to bite. Once on the hook, the fun is gone.