It’s Monday

Oh, it’s definitely Monday. The lid for the coffee pot at work was damaged, so there was no coffee until someone got brave enough to try it. It worked so that crisis was averted. There were lots of other issues as there always are on a Monday morning. I was pissed when it looked like a coworker did a job she wasn’t trained for, but now I’ve calmed down since it’s possible another person used her desk without logging out and back in. That’s a problem all by itself, but not as big as I thought it was. I’m finding a lot of errors another coworker made. It seems never-ending.

The lion wasn’t up for play last night. We held hands while watching television. I’m hoping he’ll be ready for play tonight. He better be ready for punishment because he forgot the coffee pot again. I wonder if it’s more of a problem on Sunday than on other days. When I told him about it, he said, “poor Lion.” I think it’s more “poor Lioness.” I had to function enough to put the coffee pot together without first having had any coffee. That’s never good. Luckily, the coffee pot is smart enough to figure things out by itself once it’s assembled.

I ordered new parts for my CPAP machine. The theory is that I’m waking up at night without realizing it, and the CPAP will help. I also discovered this morning that I am getting only about half of my fluid intake requirements per day. This may account for some of the tiredness too. I knew I needed more fluid, but I had no idea it was that bad. Not using the CPAP and having such low fluid intake are not new things, however, so I’m not quite sure why I’ve been so tired lately. Maybe it’s a cumulative thing, and it’s just hitting me now.

Between the CPAP, drinking more, and getting off the anxiety meds, I hope I’ll be jumping Lion’s bones within a month or so. I’m also taking Maca (whatever the hell that is) that Lion bought me to improve my libido. My fingers are crossed. My legs are not. If my libido improves, maybe it will entice Lion to be hornier. Woohoo!


  1. Of course it will cheer him up if your libido improves. But why does he keep forgetting this coffee pot. Maybe he’s doing it on purpose?

    1. No, not on purpose. I just forgot.

      1. I ask you to forgive me for a little mistrust, but lately you have so often forgotten about this coffee pot that I thought: maybe this is such a way to earn yourself some additional pleasant punishment.

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