Improved Spanking

The lion may be rethinking his suggestion that I swat harder and longer. His buns are sore today after I whomped them last night. I used the spoon-shaped paddle, which is not very comfortable to hold, at least not for longer periods of time. My grip kept slipping. I’ll have to find a more comfortable paddle – for me, not Lion. [Lion — We have some grip tape. I think that should solve the problem.]

Regardless of the paddle issue, I started out slow and gradually ramped things up. I asked him why I was spanking him. In the overall scheme of things, spanking him at 8 pm for an infraction I noticed at 6:30 am is fairly quick. I certainly couldn’t have spared the time before I left for work. Lion was squirming a lot. That has more to do with not having a stable base to put his feet. Ordinarily, he pushes against the garbage can, but that fell over quickly. We’ll have to figure out a better position for him, so there’s less wiggling. The more he squirms, the more likely I am to hit him in an unintended spot.

Over the course of his spanking, I talked to him. I also paused to let him get himself situated after squirming. But I kept going. It looked like some bruises were forming. He also started to bleed a little. The last time he bled, it was so minimal that I thought it was because I was alternating cheeks. I reasoned that each cheek had a chance to regroup between swats. It was probably because I was hitting harder and longer that he bled more. It wasn’t even enough to wipe off when I was done, but it did make my paddle messy. I could have made him sit in the corner for that, but I didn’t think of it.

This morning, as we reviewed the spanking by email, Lion said I didn’t make him beg. My first thought was that he’s never happy with what he gets. My second thought was that he’s right. I should have kept going until he begged. The reasons I stopped were my grip of the paddle constantly slipping, I didn’t want to swat on top of bruises, and I didn’t want him to bleed much more. I think they’re all valid reasons, but I probably still should have continued. However, given his current state of soreness, I think it was a pretty good session. Maybe he’ll remember the damn coffee pot for a while.